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How to use Bondee, the latest social app where you can hang out with friends virtually

By AYIE LICSI Published Jan 25, 2023 8:17 pm

Have you ever thought of living with your friends but it all just ends up as a plan, never to be seen through? There's a new app in town that's a mix of The Sims and your favorite social apps that lets you live in a virtual world with all your buddies: Bondee.

The app, developed by Singapore tech company Metadream, recently launched in January, creating a cool little space where you get to create your own avatar, dress it in your favorite outfits, design your own room, and hang out with your buddies online.

Bondee has been taking over other social media apps as of late, with users sharing their avatar cards on other platforms. Compared to other social apps, this new one is a meta-universe network—your little avatar can interact and do different activities with others.

For those who have yet to be bit by the Bondee bug, here's how a quick primer on how to set up and use the app.

The app is currently available in the Philippines through the App Store and Google Play for free. You'll be asked to sign up with your phone number and to create a nickname and user ID for others to connect with you.

Then, you'll be able to style your metaverse you in different hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. Afterwards, you can design your little space, that little corner in this meta-universe that belongs to your avatar. Don't worry, you'll still be able to make edits to your room and outfits after you're done designing.

To add friends, you can share your QR by your profile or with your Bondee ID. Your friends will then pop up in a cute little space where you can see their status or what they're up to.

To set your own status, go to the home page and tap on your avatar, and then on Status. There, you'll be able to choose from different moods, hobbies, and activities. You can even add text or a photo with your status to give your friends a glimpse at your latest happenings. This will show up on the Friends' Posts tab.

On Bondee, you can also chat with your friends, visit their rooms, and leave messages for them.

In addition, there's a special "floating" feature where your avatar sets off to explore uncharted waters, leave messages in drifting bottles, meet others, and win gifts.