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It might be a choice between the FJÄLLBO or the VITTSJÖ

Ikea has mock PS5, Xbox consoles to guide your furniture buying

By Dandi Galvez Published Jan 07, 2021 4:00 pm

Have you ever gone to the furniture store and wondered which media cabinet would look good with your brand new video game console? Don't you wish you could have brought the console with you to help you with your choice?

Wonder no more, as furniture maker Ikea made mock ups of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X—two of the latest generation gaming consoles—that you can check out at their stores to help you determine which of their products goes well with your new toy.

Reddit user u/TomaccoTastesLikeGma posted a snap on the r/gaming subreddit of the mock consoles at an unidentified Ikea store location.

"Which IKEA media storage unit will be able to fit my new, meme-ishly oversized, game console?" from r/gaming

The silhouette of both machines are definitely recognizable, and there are even size measurements printed on different sides. To temper expectations, each measurement has a short line telling you how close (or not) the numbers are.

Launched within days of each other in early November 2020, The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are two of the latest current-generation video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, respectively.

Aside from featuring the latest graphics, memory, and processors, both consoles were notable for their distinct and wildly different form factors. The Xbox Series X looks like a black refrigerator, or an air purifier with that large fan vent occupying the entire top side of the machine.

Speaking of looking like a huge air purifier, the PlayStation 5 is easily the tallest (or longest depending on orientation) console that Sony has ever put out. The entire case is a cooling chamber with vents on the front and top of the unit.

Ikea is one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world and it's no surprise they would have mock up gadgets in-store to help guide shoppers with their furniture choices. It sure beats having to bring your own tape measure with a manual list of measurements.

(Image from u/TomaccoTastesLikeGma on Reddit)