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Epic Games makes Party Chat and Anti-Cheat tools free for developers

By Arthur Apostol Published Jun 24, 2021 1:26 pm

Epic Games has created many tools for online gaming, two of which are now going to be distributed for free to any studios that wish to utilize them.

It can be acquired from the Epic Online Services suite, which provides quick and easy access to any engine that is used for games across PC and consoles.

The Anti-Cheat tool of Epic Games has been distributed for a price in the past to any developers who wish to use them, but as the prevalence of cross-platform play has grown, Epic has seen the need to distribute their tool as the PC platform is where most cheating software is available.

This is the same Anti-Cheat software being used in their flagship online game Fortnite, however, it still needs polish as some players still bypass the software while some are falsely accused of cheating.

They will also be making available the Party Chat software which allows players to do both one-to-one and larger party chat, and comes with support, regardless of what platform you are playing on.

Since 2015, Epic has also made its Unreal Engine free for any developers or studios to use, with royalties depending on how much gross revenue the game that utilized the engine has made since launch.

(Images from the Unreal Engine Official Youtube Channel)