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From the creators of 'Until Dawn'

‘The Quarry’ invites gamers to a summer camp worth dying for

By Kara Santos Published Mar 24, 2022 3:54 pm

A new cinematic teen-horror video game, set in an ominous summer camp as hunting season begins, is coming to PC and consoles this June 2022.

Supermassive Games and 2K recently unveiled The Quarry, an all-new teen horror title where every choice you make shapes the story and determines the fate of the characters.

The narrative-driven title from the creators of Until Dawn features an iconic ensemble cast of Hollywood stars and celebrities, including David Arquette (Scream), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Justice Smith (Pokémon Detective Pikachu), Brenda Song (Dollface), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Lin Shaye (A Nightmare on Elm Street), and more.


Players get to control nine camp counselors as a night of celebrating the end of summer camp quickly goes sideways. The trailer hints at a Most Dangerous Game tale where someone appears to be hunting the counselors for sport. 

Like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology titles, any of the characters can die depending on your choices. You'll have to work hard if you want as many people as possible to survive in the interactive drama survival horror game.

While the gameplay and premise are horror movie staples, that may be part of the appeal as it gives players a chance to make wise decisions and keep everyone alive.

The Quarry is mainly a single-player game, but it comes with a multiplayer option. Players can have "couch co-op" where people control individual counselors, but you can also have as many as seven people voting on your decisions online. 

"The Quarry is breaking new ground across interactive storytelling and technology to create a truly visceral teen-horror experience," said director Will Byles. "I can't wait to see the choices you make, who you'll save, and who you're willing to sacrifice!" 

Aside from adjustable difficulty levels, the game has a "Movie Mode" that removes the gameplay entirely and just lets you choose how the story plays out for a purely choose-your-own-adventure style cinematic thriller experience.

Check out the official announcement trailer below which showcases the incredible visual fidelity and cinematic quality achieved in the game while presenting a first look at the star-studded cast featured in the game. 

Those who pre-order the game can nab a Horror History Visual Filter Pack, with three cinematic visual filters, replicating a different style of horror filmmaking: Indie Horror, ’80s Horror, and Black-and-White Classic Horror.

The Quarry is set to arrive for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows PCs on June 10, 2022.