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10 Filipino horror podcasts to listen to if you're up for some sleepless nights

By Rayven Daligcon Published Oct 20, 2022 4:02 pm Updated Oct 20, 2022 4:05 pm

Watching horror films and shows, especially during the Halloween season, is nothing new for fans of the genre. But have you ever tried simply listening to spooky stories while you're alone in your room, probably right before you sleep?

If your answer is no, then it's high time to take your courage to the next level by listening to horror podcasts. They are sure to bring you a different kind of fright and get your hair raising, as wicked storytellers narrate the mysteries of the unseen right through your ears and leave everything to your imagination.

So put your headphones in, close your eyes, and hit play to immerse yourself in the world of kababalaghan through this list of horror podcasts in the Philippines.

Kwentong Takipsilim  

You'll enter a whole new world of mystery, horror, and wonder in the Kwentong Takipsilim podcast. A mixture of both Tagalog horror fiction and non-fiction stories, this podcast also features Filipino mythological creatures like aswang and engkanto, among others. They will leave you in awe and wondering about the things that are kept hidden and are considered taboo among Filipinos. 

Nginig Stories

Nginig tales, a program of Kira Araze and Podcast Network Asia, focuses on Tagalog true horror stories. This podcast features actual stories that internet users have contributed to the channel. “Tinangay ng Engkanto”, “Bahay na Pula”, "Ang Batang Embalsamador," and many others are only a few of their unbelievably true episodes

Philippine Campfire Stories

"Interview with a Baguio Paranormal Investigator," "Ang Diwata," and "Ang Tikbalang" are just a few of the spooky episodes that you shouldn't miss on the Philippine Campfire Stories podcast. This channel focuses on content that celebrates local myths, folklore, legends, and true supernatural experiences that are sure to invite some fright during a cold night out with friends. 


Only available on Spotify, the BUNK Collective's Creepsilog podcast is presented by Gideon Mendoza and Glenn Tabarejos and covers a wide range of topics made to bring in some creeps. This includes true crime, bizarre phenomena, and distressing and frightful paranormal happenings, all while using twisted Filipino humor and lighthearted storytelling technique.

Stories after dark 

Filipino true crime and mystery stories are featured in the narrative podcast Stories after Dark. “The Murder of Lilian Velez”, “The exploitation and death of Rosario Baluyot”, and “The Murder of Mark Welson Chua” are a few of their main stories. This podcast is ideal for your daring ears if genuine murders and unsolved mysteries captivate you.  


Hilakbot TV presents a variety of real-life and made-up stories from the cunning minds of some Filipinos who like to feel something slithery under their skin. The podcast provides tales of absolute horror as well as tales that can only be realized after being experienced. The team behind the channel intends to bring back the presentation of horror stories in the same hair-raising manner DZRH's iconic radio series Gabi ng Lagim presents theirs.


The horror narration channel ScreamPh started as a YouTube channel prior to launching its audio series counterpart. It offers a variety of spooky tales from various backgrounds that will undoubtedly make you uneasy. The channel was well-known for its "After the Dark Series," which is a collection of real horror and supernatural tales submitted by their listeners or sourced from reliable sources. In some of their episodes titled "University after dark," they feature a variety of spooky tales that reportedly happened in universities, including the University of the East, Adamson University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and Far Eastern University, among others.  

‘Wag Kang Lilingon 

Grace Marcellana and Mimai Cabugnason, two girls with a lifelong interest for the unusual and strange, serve as the hosts of the Wag Kang Lilingon podcast. The channel delves into spine-tingling and sleep-reducing tales of horror, mystery, true crime, and suspense. "Religion Rebels," "Kwentong Sapi," and "Haunted Locations in the Philippines," are a few of its well-known episodes. Scroll through this podcast and get ready for hair-raising episodes.  

Pinoy Tagalog Horror CreepyPasta Kwentuhan at Takutan 

Dubbed the first unique narration podcast to come out in the Philippines, Pinoy Tagalog Horror CreepyPasta Kwentuhan at Takutan presents fiction and non-fiction horror tales that might pique readers' curiosity about strange, eerie, and frightening Filipino folklore, creatures, and facts. Inspired by foreign streaming channels, namely "Anything Ghost" and "No Sleep Podcast," this local audio series consists of episodes such as "Huwag mo silang hahanapin," "Kalabit ng Aswang," and "Demonyo nga ba o element?" among others.

B1 Gang Adventure and Mystery Series  

The B1 Gang Adventure and Mystery Series podcast is based on the scary books we read as kids. It includes spooky short stories from the 1990s. Enjoy Gino Jo, Kiko, and Boging's adventures as they travel the nation in search of mysteries. The names of some of their gruesome episodes include "Ang Rebulto," "Ang Bahay na Bato," "Unang hakbang sa kababalaghan," and many more.