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'Cells at Work!' anime to get live-action adaptation from Warner Bros.

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Mar 21, 2023 2:32 pm

It looks like Ghost Fighter and One Piece aren't the only anime shows that are getting the live-action treatment as the hit series Cells at Work! is also being adapted into live-action by Warner Bros.

According to reports carried by, the film studio's Japanese subsidiary is looking to work on adapting the hit manga series created by Akane Shimizu.

The series garnered attention for its unique and educational plot, which follows trillions of anthropomorphic cells living inside a human and explores their important roles that keep the body healthy.

The story largely focuses on a rookie red blood cell identified as AE3803 as she get accustomed to her crucial job of transporting oxygen across the body, but often gets lost during deliveries.

This leads her to frequently run into a white blood cell identified as U-1146, who strives to patrol and defend the body from foreign bacteria plotting to make it their new territory.

The live-action adaptation of Cells at Work! will be handled by director Hideki Takeuchi. As the series revolves around the complex and intricate manner in which the human body works, it is said to be one of the biggest projects that will be tackled by the Japanese film industry. 

The manga was first serialized back in 2015 and ran for six years before it eventually ended in 2021. However, Shimizu later worked on a spinoff series titled Cells at Work: Code Black, which has a much darker tone than the original as it is set in a human body that suffers an unhealthy lifestyle. 

The cast for the live-action film and premiere date are yet to be revealed. Read chapters of the Cells at Work! manga online here.