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The first episode of ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ is finally out. Here’s a recap

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jun 23, 2021 6:11 pm

The first episode of Hospital Playlist 2 was released last Thursday, and it looks like we’re going on another long, emotional ride. 

Hospital Playlist 2 immediately picks up from where we left off in the first season. The premiere episode shows our favorite Yulje Medical Center doctors thriving in their professional lives but struggling in their lives outside of work. Of course, adorable friendship remains as strong as ever.

So, sit back and relax as we recap the season two premiere of Hospital Playlist 2.

(This article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, beware!)

Minha asks Seokhyung out for Christmas dinner. 

The episode starts off during the Christmas season, which is considered a romantic season in South Korea. Medical resident Chu Minha (Ahn Eunjin) texts Yang Seokhyeong (Kim Daemyung) to ask him out for dinner. After pondering, he declines but wishes her a "Merry Christmas." 

Seokhyeong then hurries to the emergency room after finding out from his ex-wife Yoon Shinhye (Park Jiyeon) that her dad is suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage. He runs into assistant ER professor Bong Kwanghyeon (Choi Youngjoon) to ask about his condition. 

Kwanghyeon questions Seokhyeong's concern. He is about to dodge the question but they are interrupted by Shinhye’s sudden appearance. She refers to Seokhyeong as “Oppa” and the ER professor’s interest is piqued.

Minha is heartbroken when she sees Seokhyeong and Shinhye walking out of the hospital. 

On the other hand, Minha enjoys her steak dinner alone. She is about to surprise Seokhyeong in the hospital, but she was greeted by the sight of him walking out with Shinhye. Ouch. 

The episode then transitions to Kim Junwan (Jung Kyungho) holding a returned ring from Lee Iksoon (Kwak Sunyoung) in his room. He then calls her about it. She says she doesn’t know anything about it—although it seems like she returned it on purpose. Oh no!

Junwan asks Iksoon about the returned ring. 

In the other room, Ahn Jeongwon (Yoo Yeonseok) calls his mother to talk about his career decisions. However, his mother is curious about her son's girlfriend. His good mood is interrupted by Junwan who asks about band practice and their barkada's dating life.

Jeongwon initially panics, but Junwan clarifies that he was asking about Seokhyeong.

Ikjoon is giddy after inviting Songhwa for coffee. 

Lee Ikjoon's (Jo Jungseok) arrives at the hospital after he escorts an old man who had a seizure. He then runs into Chae Songhwa (Jeon Mido) whom he invites for coffee. Ikjoon confessed his feelings for her indirectly in season one, so their lingering expressions show the tension. 

The next day, new couple Jeongwon and Jang Gyeowool (Shin Hyunbin) remain professional as they attend to young patients. Gyeowool informs Jeongwon that he needs to console a patient who is worried about how long she'll live. He consoles her by saying that she'll probably live longer than him. 

Jeongwon consoles a patient who underwent a liver transplant.

Songhwa is walking towards Ikjoon's office when she is approached by residents who want a lecture from him. She was about to enter when she saw him wrestling with Junwan over snacks. In an attempt to preserve his “cool, charismatic professor” image, she informs them that she's "busy at the moment." 

Seokhyeong advises Minha on how to be professional at work. 

We catch up with Minha who is having a tough day at work. She visits Seokhyeong in his office for advice and she’s reminded  to keep her feelings in check if she wants to save lives. She asks him out for dinner again but is rejected. 

The "lacking five" performs Rain On You by Park Junghoon.

The barkada's band practice is about to start, so the four male lead characters wait for Songhwa who is running late. Ikjoon asks Jeongwon about his relationship with Gyeowool, who insists that it’s none of his business. The conversation shifts to Junwan as he talks about Iksoon's ring. Songhwa joins them a few moments later. 

The gang's jamming session features Rain On You by Park Junghoon. After practice, Songhwa drives Ikjoon home. The pair looks awkward as the same song blasts through the speakers.

Ikjoon is heartbroken when Songhwa says she wants to "stay as best friends."

The next day, Songhwa tells Ikjoon that she wants to "stay as best friends.” The episode ends with Ikjoon alone, looking crushed.

Our overall verdict

Well, that was a heartbreaking way to start off the second season. The pace is a little slow, which is understandable since it needs to tie up season one's loose ends. Plus, we only get one episode per week so the 90-minute duration is forgiven.

It’s disappointing that Songhwa rejects Ikjoon’s confession. However, we can’t blame her since it’s tough to fall in love with your best friend. Despite this, we’re in love with Jungseok and Mido's portrayal of their characters' vulnerability. On the other hand, we’re glad that this season is giving Eunjin an opportunity to shine as Minha.

What do you think of Hospital Playlist 2's first episode?

Season 2 is off to a depressing start.

A new episode of Hospital Playlist 2 premieres every Thursday on Netflix at 10 p.m., PST. 

Article photos from TVN