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WATCH: Voice actor Inka Magnaye dubs a scene from ‘Trese’

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Jun 17, 2021 4:07 pm

After defending Liza Soberano’s voice performance in the Filipino Netflix series Trese,professional voice actor Inka Magnaye has briefly lent her own skills to the series' titular character.

Dubbing over a scene of Alexandra Trese investigating a crime scene during the episode about the White Lady of Balete Drive, the Philippine Airlines PAL voice actor followed along with her unmistakable dubbing.


##duet with @maronnecruz here’s my modest try at doing Trese! I feel like my voice sounds a little too “mature” for the role, but this was fun to do!

♬ original sound - Maronne Cruz

Magnaye then explained that she believes her voice is too “mature” for the role of Alexandra Trese, who is voiced by Shay Mitchell in the English version, and Liza Soberano in the Filipino one.

"I feel like my voice sounds a little too “mature” for the role, but this was fun to do!" Inka captioned her TikTok video.

Meanwhile, Liza Soberano recently caught flak for her performance with Magnaye defending on Twitter that Liza's performance has "a great balance of youthfulness and grim."

“She has dynamics in her delivery. However, she does tend to deliver her lines in almost the exact same cadence, and people confuse that with monotony,” Magnaya added.

Trese director and producer Joy Oliva also explained that since Alexandra Trese has a cold and unemotional facade, both voice actors portrayed the role perfectly.

"I know a thing or two about tortured souls who persevere to do right and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Both [Shay Mitchell] and [Liza Soberano] brought unique performances that (were) better than I could have imagined"