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Magic: The Gathering Arena releases Kaladesh Remastered set

By Argie Aguja Published Nov 16, 2020 10:26 pm

Magic: The Gathering Arena has just announced the arrival of Kaladesh Remastered – a new set combining the best of both Kaladesh and Aether Revolt – releasing exclusively on Magic's digital platform.

Kaladesh Remastered combines elements of both 2016’s Kaladesh and 2017’s Aether Revolt, seamlessly integrating the use of energy counters in a land theme where Aether and technology were used together.

Fans can now relive the set-defining cards and iconic mechanics from both expansion packs with Kaladesh Remastered. For a fresh and fun experience, it comes with updated gameplay. And while many of the mechanics from the original block look familiar, others have been re-mastered to fit the updated look and feel of MTG Arena. Energy counters, Crew, Fabricate and Revolt will all make a return.

For the card count, the combination of the two sets comes down to a total of 302 cards:

  • 104 commons
  • 92 uncommons
  • 75 rares
  • 16 mythic rares
  • 15 basic lands with 12 having two different illustrations

 The focus will be on the Limited play experience (Draft and Sealed) and Pioneer, with continued support for Historic format.

Pre-orders for Kaladesh Remastered are available now on the Magic: The Gathering Arena client.