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Useful apps for New Year’s Resolutions

By Argie Aguja Published Dec 31, 2020 5:00 pm Updated Dec 31, 2020 12:53 am

The year 2020 is over. We can discard the zero at the end and begin with a number 1. And what better way to start 2021 than to create a New Year’s resolution, one that can help you achieve your goals to become a better person.

Most people have similar goals year in and year out: lose weight, stay healthy, quit smoking, drink water, save money, eat healthier, etc. But the problem with creating New Year’s resolutions like these is that it takes a huge amount of commitment and self-discipline to be able to pull off. Thankfully, today’s tech tools are here to help accomplish all those New Year’s resolutions.

Below are some of the best apps you can use as you work on specific goals. Take a look at these seven digital tools:

Losing weight

How many new years have passed since you made that pact to shed the pounds away? If that goal is still in your list, you may need more than motivation to get it done. Check out MyFitnessPal on both iOS and Android. This app will help you tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet in order to lose weight.

If you’re into calorie counting, it has a database of over 11 million kinds of food, giving users an overall picture of calories in, calories out.

Engaging in exercises and work outs

Because moving is an integral part of staying in shape, try the Nike Training Club app.

Choose from any of the more than 185 free workouts including invigorating yoga classes, HIT, bodyweight-only workouts you can do with minimum to no equipment, and cardio that gets your heart rate pounding.

It has body-part-focused, time-based and rep-based workouts ranging from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. It's available for both iOS and Android.

Quitting the nicotine

Quitting smoking is not easy and can be very daunting, especially for those who have been in the habit for years.

If you’re having difficulty putting down cigarettes for good, the My Quit Coach app on iOS creates a personalized plan to help you quit smoking. Stop Smoking in Android does the same thing.

Drinking more water

Medical professionals have long advocated that we drink eight glasses of water a day. It sounds easy yet not everybody are able to strictly observe it.

Here’s an app that can aid you with that: Waterlogged. Available in iOS, this app gives you personalized charts and reminders to stay hydrated. You can monitor progress by meeting daily water drinking goals. For Android users, Water Drink Reminder gives similar benefits.

Saving money

Keeping a close watch on your finances is one of the hallmarks of a responsible adult, but not all of us are good at it.

For those having a hard time, there’s Mint, a digital aid for budgeting, bill tracker, and financial planner all combined into one nifty app. It gives you a more complete picture of your financial life by tracking your expenses, loans, and bills, even monitoring your overall budget. It’s available both for iOS and Android.

Becoming a better version of yourself

More often that not, changing yourself for the better ranks high up the list of most common resolutions. But to actually achieve it is a whole other matter.

If you haven't figured out the secret sauce on how to achieve it, consider the Grid Diary app on iOS. It lets you keep track and journal your day via helpful prompts to focus on gratitude, family, and friends.

These alerts are all customizable so you can set what's important to you. For Android users, a good alternative is Journey.

Building healthy habits

Should you need one app that does most (if not all) of the resolutions in this list, then try Strides on iOS or Loop for Android users. Both are do-it-all apps that can help you make—and keep—your New Year promises.