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‘Dexter’ teaser hints return of character

By Kara Santos Published Jun 22, 2021 5:32 pm

Showtime’s Dexter has released another short teaser, possibly hinting at what's to come in the latest season.

Serial killer Dexter Morgan has been given a new identity in the upcoming series revival. However, it does appear that one character from Dexter's previous life could be making an appearance.

The official Dexter Twitter account released a teaser on Sunday (June 20) showing a picture of Dexter and his son Harrison burning in a fire paired with the cryptic caption, "Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people."

While the clip could just very well be a nod to Father’s Day, fans on social media have been speculating the post may serve as a clue to the plot of the upcoming ninth season. 

Harrison, Dexter’s son, appeared in several episodes in season 7 as a three-year old. In the season 8 series final, Harrison was abandoned by his father and entrusted to Dexter's romantic interest Hanna McKay.

If the show’s timeline sticks to the actual time passed since the show ended in 2013, Dexter’s son could be old enough to find his Father, and possibly stir up some trouble or follow in his footsteps as a teenager.

The latest season of Dexter is expected to premiere in Fall 2021, although no official release date has been confirmed. 

Dexter Early Cuts

Those waiting for the new series revival to drop—and who are eager to learn more of the serial killer’s backstory and relationships—might want to check out Dexter Early Cuts

In case you never had a chance to watch it before, the web-based series in the form of an animated comic about the character Dexter Morgan and his earliest kills, is currently available to stream online.

Beginning in 2009, all episodes were released via Showtime's YouTube channel to promote specific seasons of the show.

Each story is told in several two to three minute chapters. The web series spanning three seasons and 24 episodes is narrated by Michael C. Hall himself. Each season brought to life by graphic-novel illustrators features the original TV score and a cinematic look. The animated series chronicles the characters from the TV series and not the novels.

All episodes of Dexter Early Cuts are also viewable from Showtime's website.

(Images via Showtime)