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Twin talk with Mavy and Cassy

By MAE COYIUTO, The Philippine STAR Published Nov 27, 2020 5:00 am Updated Nov 27, 2020 4:51 pm

Our parents allowed us to create our own paths without saying things like ‘Be the next Zoren’ or ‘Be the next Carmina.’ It was always ‘Be true and be you.'

It takes some people years to find the one thing they’re ridiculously passionate about. A lucky few, like Mavy and Cassy Legaspi, discovered their calling when they were just three years old. Visiting a film set for the first time and watching their parents in action, the twins were struck by how work could seem like fun

Later on, Mavy asked their parents if they ever dreamed of careers outside of show business. Both Zoren and Carmina shook their heads and answered, “Wala e, acting lang talaga.” 

Now at 19, the twins are balancing college along with carving their own paths in show business. We caught up with them and chatted about what it’s like to find their passion in the industry they grew up in.  

YOUNG STAR: How did you become so comfortable in front of the camera at such a young age?

CASSY LEGASPI: I can’t explain the feeling but the whole process seemed so exciting to me. Facing the camera at the age of three, I saw nothing but all play. It only started to become “work” once we hit our teens because, of course, it really is work in the first place. But I still enjoy it and, of course, I do what I can to build my craft. Honestly, I still get nervous despite growing up in front of the camera, because there is this expectation to constantly do better than I did the last time. 

Looking back at your family’s early commercials, was this something you both wanted to do? 

MAVY LEGASPI: Oh, definitely! It was never really forced upon us back then. Our parents talked about it with us before we signed the deal. Honestly, as a kid, who wouldn’t want to endorse ice cream? 

Did the two of you decide you wanted to pursue show business at the same time?

CASSY: I think I decided I wanted to be in show business first; Mavy wanted to pursue other things. But there was a time when I was second-guessing it then Mavy wanted to pursue it naman

MAVY: Cass wanted to be in the showbiz industry ever since she was little since she was amazed with our mom and wanted to be a talk show host. For me, I was really focused on tennis and wanted to be the next Rafael Nadal and at the same time was so focused with school since I wanted to be an engineer. But after doing variety shows, commercials and visiting my parents on set, I started to really take an interest in showbiz (I was around 12 then). Sometimes, I guess your goals and desires change and you really end up finding something you truly love.

We heard that you had a heart-to-heart talk with your parents before signing with GMA. What was that talk like? 

CASSY: We were 16 or 17 when we were already talking about signing, and it was a discussion because signing with a management meant that we were about to take on challenges and workloads that we have never done before (regular shows/teleseryes etc). We had to “want it badly.” 

MAVY: I guess they know us really well. They saw it in our eyes and really felt how genuine our feelings were when we told them that we wanted to take this road. 

Mavy, we remember that you posted a picture of the two of you with the caption “my other half.” Do you think this captures your relationship? 

MAVY: I guess the fact that I know Cassy makes everything easier. I know what makes her mad, happy, sad, etc. The whole family is just so close that we know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Maybe just by looking at Cassy’s body language I can already tell what mood she’s in but I don’t know what’s going on in her mind (LOL). 

How has the industry changed during the pandemic and how are you adapting? 

MAVY: I guess work from home is challenging since you’re basically doing everything from setting up the lights, setting up the shooting area, setting up the camera and picking your own clothes, etc. If you really want to make an impact even while at home I guess you can do it if you really work for it. I’m just happy I get to still work from home and give the people something to watch and make them smile during such a difficult time. 

CASSY: I believe the industry has become more humbled ever since the pandemic began. People start to appreciate their work more.  Personally, this quarantine allowed me to grow quietly on my own as an “artist.” It allowed me to push myself to try new things and to teach myself to continue to explore and not be as shy as I was before. 

Being in the spotlight for so long, have you had haters or received much “bashing” online?

CASSY: It was only when I reached my “awkward stage” that I started receiving hate online. The first few times of receiving hate, I started to believe them and let it get to me. But now, I really don’t mind them, as in I completely ignore them. Why would you believe them if you know yourself more than they do? Although educated criticisms are welcome, there’s a difference between that and hateful comments (most especially backhanded compliments). It’s all about knowing who you are and your self-worth.

MAVY: For me personally, I really don’t mind. Maybe because at such a young age, Mom always reminded us that we can’t please everyone. I’m really out here just doing my own thing, being true to myself and working on my craft each day. I’m not here to prove the haters wrong, I’m out here to prove to myself that I can do better and show my parents that I am capable of doing so. Bashing only takes a toll on me when it’s towards my family. I will defend them no matter what. But when it’s towards me, I really don’t bother. 

What do you hope to emulate from your parents’ career? And also, how do you want your legacy to differ? 

CASSY: From my mom, honestly, her flawless talent. She makes her job look so easy. I would love to reach the versatility my mom has when it comes to her characters and how she “acts with her eyes.” As for my dad, I want to do an action film, maybe a remake from my dad’s action films before, but a girl version of it. I’m still exploring who “Cassy” really is in the showbiz world and what I have to offer in the industry.

MAVY: Their genuine love for acting. Showbiz is one thing but truly loving the art of acting is something else. Our parents want us to create our own career paths without living under a shadow. I’m thankful that our parents allowed us to create our own paths without saying things like “Be the next Zoren” or “Be the next Carmina.” It was always “Be true and be you.”