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This Google TV has an antibacterial remote and other built-in health features

By Kara Santos Published Jan 27, 2023 2:30 pm

The combination of the pandemic and streaming services has drastically changed our movie viewing habits. With the cost and risks of frequently going out, watching movies in theaters is an activity many Filipino families have given up, especially since the latest flicks arrive on streaming platforms just months after their initial movie run.

In case you missed it in cinemas, the Oscar nominated Best Picture film Everything Everywhere All at Once is currently streaming on HBO GO while Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is heading to Disney+ in February 2023. With the variety of quality streaming services now available to Filipino viewers and quality content at our fingertips, it makes sense to invest in a good television set that the whole family can enjoy in the comfort and safety of their home. 

If you’re in the market for a new smart TV this year, you can level up your home viewing experience with the Skyworth SUE8000, the first ever QLED+ Google TV. The smart TV, which was released to the market just last October 2022, comes in three sizes: 50”, 55” and 65”.

It makes use of Google TV, the latest and upgraded operating system based on Android 11 introduced by Google itself. The technology was exclusively designed for TV user interface, with a more convenient and personalized homepage and increased top navigation bar. The system also comes with over 10,000 searchable applications, and separate kids account for exclusive-only access to age-appropriate applications. 

This model is definitely easy on the eyes. Beyond the color display, screen size, and specs, it offers "health-friendly home entertainment" with features to help reduce eyestrain, including a flicker-free screen, built-in health platform settings, and even an antibacterial remote control.


Nothing ruins a good movie more than constant flickering on the screen. Not only is it annoying, prolonged exposure to flickering can cause eye fatigue, leading to other problems like eye strain and migraines. The Skyworth SUE 8000 has a flicker-free feature that protects viewers' eyes from harmful blue light emissions and displays flicker and glare to ensure a more comfortable and safe viewing experience.

This way, you can fully enjoy the vivid details and crisp picture quality of your favorite shows. The Skyworth SUE8000 boasts of Chameleon Extreme Picture Quality, a self-developed picture AI engine that comes with enhanced features such as upgraded image quality, enhanced contrast, refined image noises, and intelligent recognition of skin complexion. 

The built-in Dolby vision also gives the user HDR pictures that create bolder pictures and incredible contrast. This provides users with more control over how their HDR programming appears on TV.

Health Platform Settings

We all know that watching too much TV is bad for your eyes because you’re focusing on a bright screen in a dark room. But that’s never stopped anyone from binge-watching several episodes in a row late into the night after a long day at work. The Skyworth SUE8000 has a Night Mode that automatically adjusts the backlight depending on the brightness and darkness of the room. Eye Protection is also achieved since the TV set adjusts the brightness depending on the scene of the movie or TV show.

Auto Volume Control 

Have you ever felt that everytime you watch a movie, the dialogue is too quiet so you have to turn the volume up just to hear what characters are saying, only for it to suddenly blare up with loud sound effects or music, earning you the ire of everyone in your household? Thankfully, the Skyworth SUE8000 comes with an Auto Volume Control (AVC), which stabilizes and balances sound levels to avoid sudden volume changes, so there’s no need to keep your finger constantly hovering over the volume button.

Experience theater-level audio quality at home with the built-in Dolby Atmos equipped into the unit, immersing viewers in stereoscopic surround sound effects. The Bluetooth 5.1 has a bi-directional function with two-way audio transmission (Input and output source) so you can easily connect the phone to the TV or turn the TV into a speaker as well. 

Antibacterial Remote Control

Your TV remote has way more germs than you realize. According to a 2022 research study cited in Health Digest, frequently touched items like phone screens, soap dispensers, grocery store shopping carts, and television remotes outrank the bathroom toilet seat when it comes to germ count. So a TV set with an antibacterial remote control? Sign us up. Certified by the SGS, the nano-silver powder material inside the remote control, through its silver ions, reportedly blocks and kills up to 99% of active bacteria. 

But in case you still don’t want to risk touching the remote while munching on your popcorn, this TV remote’s model conveniently provides hands-free voice command. You can control and command your TV up to five meters away through the Google Assistant with 90% voice receiving accuracy and 97% voice recognition rate.


Another notable feature of the Skyworth SUE8000 is that it uses eco materials such as KSF Lamp Beads with an anti-static ability added with a richer number of fluorescent red powder. This means that it elimiates the moisture for an improved output screen consistency, resulting in better color skin display with characters on screen appearing more realistic.

Skyworth boasts of thirty years of experience in picture quality tuning and engineered seven tuning models to carry their comprehensive calibration in improving its picture quality. This has been tested and polished through a demo library of over 10GB images (10,000 pictures) and 1TB video (3,000 movies).

Ready to adopt more healthy movie viewing habits at home? The Skyworth SUE 8000 is now available in all leading dealers nationwide. 

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