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Year on Twitter 2021: Hidilyn Diaz, crypto, and everything else PH Twitter buzzed about this year

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Dec 09, 2021 7:56 pm

With the pandemic still going strong in 2021, we've continued to turn to social media for connection, sometimes out of boredom, or, well, just for the memes.

One of the largest social media apps for Filipinos this year is Twitter, the easy-to-use, 280-character site that could be an Internet goldmine or dumping area—depends on how you look at it.

Either way, Twitter has released its Year On Twitter wrap-up, and they've found that Filipinos had three ways of connecting this 2021: connecting to the present, revisiting the past, and reflecting inward.

"Twitter is not just the place where Filipinos stay updated and participate in social movements, but it also became like a diary to share how they connect in all aspects of life," the site shared.

1. Hidilyn's Golden Win

After lifting the Filipino spirit during her Olympic run, The Olympics' congratulatory tweet to Hidilyn Diaz is going down in history as this year’s most engaged Tweet in the Philippines with more than 56,000 retweets and almost 150,000 likes. Are we even surprised?

2. Blast from the pre-pandemic past

Another way users connected this year was by going down memory lane. Filipinos recalled nostalgic moments of pre-pandemic life such as the high school life through TikTok retellings and viral tweets such as this series of photos from user @thcsus which garnered over 12,000 retweets and 66,000 likes.

3. Work and fun from home

Who else completely decluttered and organized their homes this year? With the monthly "budol finds" and add-to-cart moments, it's no surprise that me-time, self-care activities, and introspection went on trending for Filipinos this year.

Meanwhile, here are the top trending artists and hashtags that dominated Twitter Philippines this 2021:

Top tweeted hashtags
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Top Entertainment hashtags
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Top tweeted accounts in the Philippines
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Top tweeted Entertainment accounts
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Top Cryptocurrency hashtags
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Top tweeted Emojis
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