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Excited about EXO Kai’s comeback? Here are six moments that show why he’s one of the best performers in K-pop

By Hannah Mallorca Published Nov 18, 2021 10:19 am

When you think about Kim Jongin or EXO’s Kai, you can’t deny that he’s one of the best performers in K-pop.

It’s hard to miss out on Kai’s stage presence and charisma every time he goes on stage. Throughout his career, he proved there was never a reason to doubt that he’s the full package: singer, dancer, and visual. 

Last year, Kai showed off his abilities as a soloist with his first mini-album. The R&B and the dance-pop album showed that while he’s one of EXO’s standout performers, he can definitely hold his own.

As we count the days to Kai’s upcoming comeback on Nov. 30, let’s look back on six heart-stopping moments that show why Peaches deserves all the hype. 

1. Kai’s Mmmh performance on Studio Choom

Imagine being dangerously sexy on stage? Kai can relate. While his Mmmh stages were iconic on their own, his Studio Choom performance video takes the cake. Kai embodied the track’s simplicity, sexiness, and straightforward vibe in all its glory. Plus, his movements looked so effortless—even if the steps are not easy. 

2. Kai’s Love Shot fancam on Music Bank

It’s hard to not squeal every time you watch this fancam. Seeing Kai in a fitted red suit was a sight to behold. But his hypnotizing dance moves are enough to send anyone into a fangirl or fanboy frenzy. One of the reasons why this video is mesmerizing to watch is because of how he feels the music and becomes one with it. 

3. Kai’s Tempo fancam on EXO’s comeback showcase

“Don't mess up my tempo, this beat will steal her heart. It’s one of a kind to the rhythm, 1, 2, 3.” Kai’s face may have been covered by a bucket hat in this performance, but he still used it to his advantage. This fancam showed that he doesn’t have to rely on his handsome face to make him stand out on stage. His charisma and stage presence were definitely hard to miss here. Stunning!

4. Kai’s Call Me Baby fancam on EXplOration [dot]

Many fans know that Kai is one of the strongest dancers in K-pop, but he can sing like a main vocalist as well. Seeing him perform Call Me Baby is already breathtaking enough. However, when he took over EXO D.O.’s lines with ease, it’s hard to deny how talented he is as a performer. 

5. Kai’s Obsession fancam on Music Bank 

Obsession features a deeper look into EXO’s universe as they face their evil counterparts X-EXO. It’s more horror-inspired than the boy group’s previous tracks, yet Kai pulled off its concept perfectly. While you can’t miss out on his muscular figure, his intricate movements make this video fun to watch. We’re not even going to start talking about his facial expressions. Mesmerizing.

6. Kai’s The Eve fancam on Music Core

Admit it: your jaw dropped when you watched this fancam for the first time. We can’t blame you. Kai’s movements, smirks, winks, and facial expressions are more than enough to drive us crazy. K-pop fans know that he can slay sexy concepts with ease, and this video is enough proof. If you’re looking for a more subdued version of this performance, we suggest watching this video to calm your hearts.