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Bea Alonzo shares where she finds inspiration as an actress and content creator

By Melanie Uson Published Mar 21, 2023 4:59 pm

Loved for her iconic roles in movies and television, one may be curious about how Bea Alonzo shines in different crafts, now that she has ventured into content creation.

In her interview during the Oppo Inspiration: Ahead held on March 18, Bea Alonzo shared how she finds inspiration as an actress and as a content creator, where she has been able to bare the rawest moments in her life to her fans for the last two years. 

“You know, they both came from truth,” she said. Delving on her creative process as an actress, Bea shared how she leaves a fragment of herself in playing a certain role, and how every role leaves a fragment in her identity. 

“When I am presenting myself in the camera as Bea the actress, I created a character for the film I do. It is the same. I always say this in interviews that whenever I play a character, there’s a part of Bea that stays with the character and there’s always a part of the character that remains with me.” 

Talking about her role as a content creator, the 35-year-old actress said that this is where she is able to present her authentic self. 

“...when I am presenting myself [on] camera as Bea the vlogger, of course, I share my authentic self. I share my authentic joys, days, and hobbies.” 

Bea started vlogging in 2018 but became consistent with her YouTube channel only in 2020, during the height of the pandemic as her way of communicating with her fans. The channel, described as a "passion project" currently has 3 million subscribers.

“...the reason was I like to find time with my fans. I want to be with them during the pandemic, and when we all want to find human connections. That’s when I knew it,” she said, adding, “I got close with them because of [it].” 

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As she shares the raw moments in her life, one may think that vlogging is easy. But Bea says otherwise. 

“I will be honest, I thought it would be easy because I am doing this for two years already. I thought vlogging would be easy and natural for me but it is totally different,” she said. 

“So I have a high respect for the vloggers who would come up with the contents for every single week, for some every single day. It is a totally different experience for me. I am learning every single second, every single time I’ve got.” 

Bea’s vlogs mostly tackles her “personal experiences, hobbies, interests or dislikes, family, relationships.” Most recently, she shared her latest camping adventure with her boyfriend Dominic Roque. 

Bea also shared how she’s been enjoying doing different themes on her vlog. 

“I have been enjoying doing 'A Day in the Life,' challenges with my guest in some photograph test. At first kinakabahan sila, they were so scared but after I ask certain questions,” she said. 

“Super comfortable na sila and they wouldn’t even realised na nakaphotograph test sila. They were just telling stories, they put their hearts on the table. And I really appreciate it na they put their trust in you. In the process I get to know them more,” she continued.  

Above anything else, Bea is able to shine in different fields, driven by her love for her jobs—as an actress, content creator, and businesswoman. 

“You know I can never realize about my inspirations in life. Because my job is my inspiration,” she said. 

“You are right, there are many acts. I act as an actress. I am a vlogger and business woman. And these acts [make] me happy. And I think when I am happy I got to be with myself from the ones I love—my boyfriend, my family,” she continued. 

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The One More Chance actress also got real about her challenges with her craft. 

Sometimes I have frustrations because sabi nila I am perfectionist, and when things get out of my control, I get frustrated,” she said. 

Finding ways in overcoming it, Bea shared what she learned from the podcast featuring Gary Valenciano. 

“I was listening to a podcast, guest si Tito Gary Valenciano. He said one thing that really resonated with me. He said that we always strive in perfection because it is in perfection we find that magic and with God’s excellence takes place,” she said. 

“Sometimes it happens. You really just have to work hard. Let God do the rest.”