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'Queen of toxic positivity': Netizens call out Donnalyn Bartolome for 'insensitive' back to work post

By AYIE LICSI Published Jan 04, 2023 7:00 pm

Let's go back a bit in time. It's January 2, and after a week of spending quality, relaxing time with your family for the holidays, you're prepping to face work the next day which may entail braving the hassles of commute and your never-ending list of tasks. How would you feel about going back to work?

Donnalyn Bartolome is making the rounds once again as she questioned why people were upset about getting back on the grind.

Her Facebook post on the matter was met with mixed responses, with some agreeing with her sentiments—but most said the YouTube personality was "out of touch."

"Bakit may sad dahil back to work na? Diba dapat masaya ka kasi may chance ka na pagandahin buhay mo at ng pamilya? Trip ko pa nga may work ng January 1 dahil superstition ko may work ako buong taon pag ganun," Bartolome wrote on Jan. 3.

She continued to tell those who were sad about vacation days ending to be "grateful" because they have a job and that they should "change their mindset."

"If work makes you unhappy, I hope you find a job that will. Yung pakikiligin ka and sheet 🥹 Anyway, this is just a reminder that having a job is a blessing bessss change mindset, it’s 2023!!" she said.

'Queen of toxic positivity'

The post has since gone viral, with users giving their two cents about the matter on Facebook and Twitter, asking for their feelings to not be invalidated and calling Bartolome "privileged" and "insensitive."

"Suwerte ang makahanap ng work kung saan masaya ka. Yan ang ideal. Some of us are stuck in work that we do not enjoy, yet we need to pay the bills and are fearful for the future. Yes, we are constantly seeking a better situation and someday, we will find a job that would make us feel happy. In the meantime, don't invalidate our feelings," said one user.

"Miss Donnalyn Bartolome, let people speak their heart out. Not all people are privileged kagaya mo. You may love working on holidays, some people do not. Minimum wage, traffic, heavy workload are some valid reasons to be sad. Stop being insensitive and problematic," a Twitter user shared.

Bartolome's Instagram story on Jan. 3.

"Sabi ng vlgger na sumasahod ng million, lol it's easy for you to say these words," another commented.

"It's arrogant and privileged to tell wage earners and anyone trying to make a living to just be grateful and that their grievances is just a matter of not being grateful. That is their truth and should not be invalidated. Focus on yourself. Wag mo na pakialaman ung iba the," Drag Race Philippines' Eva Le Queen said on the matter.

Of all the comments on her post, Bartolome seemed to only reply to the positive ones, cheering them on for being motivated to work.

"Sabi na e ikaw lang mag-mo-motivate sa'kin hahaha okay ty pi," a netizen commented.

"Not really sad but you made me realize that having [work] is a blessing. Even as a minimum wage earner at malaking gastos sa araw-araw but still I see myself as a grateful one to have a job," one user said, to which Bartolome replied, "Hardwork pays off, look at [you]! Don't forget to reward yourself!"

She also shared her own experience about having to work away from home as one person raised the challenges of being an OFW.

"Malayo po ako sa family ko kakatrabaho sa Pinas, mag-10 years na. Parang OFW situation. Minsanan ko lang sila nakikita. Umaabot years and years. Kaya naman men, mahirap lang," Bartolome answered.

Bartolome drew the ire of netizens in August 2022 after giving a look at her "kanto"-themed birthday party, which some users saw as "poverty porn." She also made waves a month before that for her toddler shoot, where she did titillating poses while dressed in baby clothes.