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Viral TikToker who randomly interviewed Anne Curtis says he really had no idea about the actress

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jun 09, 2023 12:41 pm

Shan Rizwan, the social media influencer who became viral for interviewing Anne Curtis without seemingly knowing about her identity, finally made it clear that he had no idea who she really was and that he was overwhelmed by the Filipinos' support.

In a new TikTok video, Shan addressed the fact that even though he was a half-Filipino and his mother was from Iloilo, he didn't know that the woman he pulled from the streets in New York City was Anne Curtis herself.

"The context on how this interaction happened was that I was pretty much just going up to strangers, trying to guess their jobs for TikTok and I literally just went up to Anne Curtis, not knowing who she was and she was down to do an interview. And what you saw was exactly what happened," he explained.

The video in question lasted only 20 seconds and in it, Shan asked Anne some simple questions as he tried to get to know more about her profession.

"First question is, do you like your job?" he opened.

"Yes, I love my job... It is my dream job," Anne replied.

Shan then inquired, "What did you study in school?" 

"I actually did one sem of early Education," Anne answered before being asked whether her job requires her to travel a lot and whether she has a business.

After the video received a huge number of likes, with nearly four million likes as of this writing, Shan could not help but express his gratitude to the Filipinos for their support. He also took the opportunity to praise Anne for taking the time to entertain him with his TikTok content.

"She was super humble for all the things that she did, just gave a super down-to-earth vibe and she easily could've just blown me off, as I get blown off a lot as a street interviewer in New York City. But she gave me a few minutes of her day and she was super authentic and genuine," he said.

"It was fun making that video. Anne, if you're watching this, if you ever wanna make a part two, or maybe I go to the Philippines, just let me know. Probably one of the most serendipitous interactions I've had living in New York City," he added.

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Many Filipinos agreed with him in what he said about Anne displaying a humble and courteous personality.

"The Anne Curtis is sweet and kind, for sure she wouldn't be brushing you off," one user commented.

Another one wrote, "Anne Curtis is very down to earth, that's why we love her."

Shan currently has 1.7 million followers on TikTok, having gained popularity for his content where he asks strangers he meets on the streets different things about them. He met Anne while she was in New York City for the grand reopening of Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store, where she also reunited with her good friend Heart Evangelista.