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5 times that Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu, and Angelica Panganiban proved they're friends for life

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jan 04, 2024 8:25 pm

The phrase "friendship never ends" definitely applies to actresses Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu, and Angelica Panganiban. The trio, collectively known as "AngBeKi" have fostered a friendship that has been tried and tested by time.

Ever since they met at a party in 2017, the local stars have been inseparable—celebrating milestones together, making new memories, and even being there for each other through the toughest times. Most recently, their bond reached new heights at Angelica's wedding in California.

Let's look back at all the times that Bela, Kim, and Angelica proved that they are as close as close friends can be:

Attending Angelica's wedding
Kim Chiu / Instagram

Most recently, Angelica said 'yes' to forever when she tied the knot with her non-showbiz partner Gregg Homan, who is the father of her first child Amila. They held an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles, California just before they welcomed the New Year, and it was made even more special with Bela and Kim in attendance.

"Witnessed a love that is everlasting, love that comes in perfect timing, love that is unconditional, and love that deserves to be felt by one another. Congratulations momsy Angelica and Gregg," Kim captioned her congratulatory post to the husband and wife.

"I felt blessed to witness this beautiful ceremony. I can’t miss this! Love you, Momsy Angge! Thank you, Gregg for loving our momsy. Alagaan mo ang momsy namin forever!" she added.

Bela similarly expressed her support for Angelica as she posted a group picture of them together with a simple but heartfelt message, "The drought is over. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Homan. The best day ever."

Being each others' 'source of laughter'

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During their trip to California, Bela also took the time to express just how much she holds Kim close to her heart.

The actress gathered pictures and videos of themselves having a blast in the country, which includes posing in front of the iconic Hollywood sign and the Universal Studios theme park.

She accompanied the post with a lengthy message highlighting her appreciation for Kim.

"For those who don’t know, Kim and I are born a few days apart. And we’re so alike in many, many ways. And since 2017, she has been such a great source of laughter and strength for me! This trip was no exception," Bela wrote.

"Thank you, Kimmy for making every small and big event the happiest ever! Dami nating natutunan this trip and lagi tayong tulog na tulog at the end of the day sa daming side quests, but I had the best time!" she continued.

She ended her post with a simple wish: "Manifesting a great 2024 for you, me and momsy Angelica."

Kim made sure to let everyone know how much Bela's post touched her heart in the comments section, writing, "Awwww love you to bits momsy! Thanks for being the best! This trip nasubok ang friendship talaga!"

Supportive besties

Another big moment in Angelica’s life that Bela and Kim were a part of was celebrating her daughter’s baptism, which was held in early February last year at an unspecified church.

Angelica and Gregg shared the sacred moment with their nearest and dearest, including some of the former’s closest friends, with Kim as one of Amila’s godparents.

To celebrate the joyous moment, the actress prepared a short video of her godchild's baptism party, where Bela could also be seen celebrating Amila’s introduction to the Christian world.

"Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Bean! Congratulations momsy Angelica and Gregg sa napakagandang bata na si Bean! Never been this extra happy for you momsy Ange!" Kim wrote in her caption.

She added, "Mapapasabi ka na lang talaga na iba magbigay ng regalo si God. Mabuti kang tao moms and deserve mo lahat nang mayroon ka ngayon. Endless happiness and exciting motherhood and wifey duties awaits you momsy! Love you so much!"

Traveling together
Kim Chiu / YouTube

Judging by the many travels they've done, it’s safe to say that their love for traveling is one of the things that the trio have in common. One such place where they've bonded is beautiful Subic in Zambales, which served as their first out-of-town trip together.

Despite the height of the COVID-19 pandemic at the time, the three of them decided to pack their bags for a quick vacation to celebrate their third friendship anniversary.

During their adventure, Kim, Angelia, and Bela made some unforgettable memories, enjoying a dip in an infinity pool, relishing delicious food, and riding around in a boat. They even had lunch with veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache!

"We may not see each other that much because of our busy schedules, but when we do it, it’s always a riot of fun!" Kim captioned the video posted on her YouTube channel.

"As the saying goes, 'We all have that friend who you may not see very often, but when you reconnect it just feels like yesterday.' I am lucky to call them my friends!"

Offering a shoulder to cry on
Bela Padilla / Instagram

Perhaps one of the most important roles that you can do as a friend is to be there for your buddy in times of need, and Kim and Angelica did just that when Bela's father, Cornelio Sulivan, passed away in his sleep.

In an Instagram post, Belacelebrated the strength of her bond with Kim and Angelica, thanking them for their unwavering support during challenging times.

"When you can’t see the sun. Call your friends who radiate the same warmth. Kim and Angelica were my friends who immediately asked if I needed them here after I found out about my dad and I really appreciate them both so much," Bela wrote.

She especially thanked Kim for going out of her way to fly to Switzerland just to be with her.

"Kim, among the three of us, never really liked traveling alone, before. Not because she couldn’t do it, but because she always wants to share her happy memories with her friends and loved ones. So it must’ve been daunting for her to go cross country alone, but she did it to spend 24 hours with me," Bela shared.