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Maxene Magalona shows support, empathy to Filipinos 'trapped in toxic marriages': 'We deserve divorce'

By Melanie Uson Published May 30, 2024 3:25 pm

Maxene Magalona explained why she supports the legalization of divorce in the Philippines, saying that it helps “protect the sanctity of marriage” by dissolving the toxic ones.

The actress-yoga instructor took to Instagram on Thursday, May 30 to share her stance on divorce by stressing the importance of letting go of toxic relationships, which are “detrimental to our mental health.”  

“As Catholics, we take marriage very seriously and view it as a sacrament. This is true. Marriage IS supposed to be a sacred union between two people,” she said.  

Maxene, however, noted that people who have experienced pain and “unprocessed wounds” from their childhood tend to project this pain to their partner, which in turn makes a marriage a “toxic and traumatic bond.” 

“The marriage that is supposed to be a sacred union turns into a toxic and traumatic bond. And what’s worse is that they think that having kids will solve everything,” she continued, adding that such a situation “leaves [children] traumatized and mentally damaged,” making toxic marriages a “vicious cycle.” 

She furthered that she expressed her support and empathy to all Filipinos who feel “trapped in toxic marriages and can’t find a way out—especially the ones who are experiencing abuse on a daily basis.” 

“Being forced to stay in a relationship that diminishes your self-worth will make you think less and less of yourself until you don’t know yourself anymore,” she stressed. 

She also expressed her disappointment that the Philippines is the only state that prohibits divorce. 

“In my humble opinion, divorce helps protect the sanctity of marriage by allowing the toxic marriages to dissolve and keeping the sacred ones intact,” she stressed.” I sincerely pray for peace and progress for our nation.” 

Her followers and fellow celebrities including Maggie Wilson and Carla Abellana expressed their support in the post’s comments section. 

“I am not married But I totally agree. Why suffer when you deserved better,” an Instagram user wrote. 

“True, ano bang gusto patunayan ng Pinas bat ayaw ng divorce, eh napakadamj naman na hiwalay na mag asawa. Give Filipino citizens freedom to be free from toxic relationships,” another one commented. 

Meanwhile, Maggie and Carla both commented a “100” emoji. 

ICYDK, the House Bill (HB) No. 9349, or the Absolute Divorce Act has passed the final reading in the House of Representatives in the past week. 

Under this bill, some grounds for absolute divorce include psychological incapacity, irreconcilable differences, and domestic or marital abuse.  

Divorce cases are also settled within a year after the mandatory 60-day cooling-off period for reconciliation (except for violent cases), while annulment may take up to four years. 

After getting the final nod from the House, the bill will be transferred to the Senate and signed by the president to be enacted into law. 

The Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, is the only state outside the Vatican where divorce is illegal.