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From universities to countries: Netizens poke fun at Jericho, Piolo, Diether, and John Lloyd's viral groufie

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Mar 30, 2023 4:16 pm

Netizens just can't seem to resist making hilarious memes of everything they see, and it looks like their latest target is the viral group picture of '90s heartthrobs Jericho Rosales, Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo, and John Lloyd Cruz.

At first glance, their cute groufie seems nothing out of the ordinary as they're only posing for a picture, but netizens have observed that the four handsome faces all have different fashion styles, with Diether having a more prim and proper outfit, John Lloyd sporting a casual attire with a white t-shirt and a bucket hat, Piolo having a more rugged look with a denim jacket, and Jericho donning a stylish look with his dark blue suit jacket.

Because of this netizens have made a meme out of the picture by classifying the four actors into different categories based on their fashion style. Here are the ones that netizens found funny and totally relatable so far:

BGC/Cubao Expo/Katipunan/Poblacion

PGAG Philippines grouped the foursome's outfits based on the popular drinking spots in the Philippines, namely Bonifacio Global City, Cubao Expo, Katipunan, and Poblacion, and their classification couldn't be more accurate.

John Lloyd's outfit definitely fits the quirky vibe of Cubao Expo and Jericho captures the easygoing and cool mood of the drinking spots at Poblacion in Makati. Diether and Piolo also accurately fit in the vibe of their respective drinking sites.

Screenshot taken from JP Genciana

Another netizen also hilariously categorized the four actors based on the aura of the students from the country's top universities.

For them, Deither's dapper look resembles those from the De La Salle University, while John Lloyd's laid-back 'fit gives off vibes from the Iskos and Iskas of the University of the Philippines. Meanwhile, Piolo's casual-chic attire is likened to the style of his fellow Thomasians in the University of Santo Tomas and Jericho's leveled-up outfit was identified as Ateneo de Manila University.


Let's admit it. One of the ways we determine one's personality and profession is based on how they style themselves. One Facebook user summed up this unspoken practice with his post that likens the four heartthrobs to professionals from different office departments.

Diether, which has the most polished look of them all, hypothetically belongs to the sales department, while John Lloyd's collarless shirt and bright bucket hat put him in the creatives team. Piolo's denim jacket and white sneakers ensemble gives him a spot in the production department, while Jericho's cool guy vibe makes him ideal to be a member of the marketing team.

Defense Beat/Feature/Graveyard/Business Beat

Apart from different office departments, the viral groufie also made it into the newsroom. GMA News reporter Chino Gaston shared his own interpretation of the photo, categorizing the four men into journalists with different beats.

According to Gaston, Diether could be assigned to do defense or police reports, while John Lloyd can work on features or documentaries. Piolo's all-black with denim ensemble belongs to the graveyard shift, while Jericho's suit makes him ideal for business stories.

Singapore/Japan/Hong Kong/Korea

Even travel booking platform Klook has gotten in on the action and labeled the actors based on the outfits worn in popular countries in Asia.

Diether's solid-colored polo tee tucked underneath his light brown pants screams Singapore all the way while John Lloyd's streetwear fits just fine in Japan. Piolo's dark-colored ensemble is suitable for Hong Kong's aesthetic standards, and Jericho's stylish outfit makes him blend with those swoon-worthy oppas of Korea.

Niall Horan/Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson/Liam Payne
Screenshot taken from 199X

It looks like Diether, John Lloyd, Piolo and Jericho have taken their fashion style inspirations from the heartthrob boy band One Direction as one netizen humorously compared them to its members Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne.

Niall is known to have a wardrobe with clothes that never go out of style, just like Diether, and Harry has a more "adventurous" style of clothing that is embodied by John Lloyd. Louis is more into casual wear like Piolo while Liam leans into refreshing outfits like Jericho.

My Hero Academia/One Piece/Attack on Titan/Jujutsu Kaisen

From universities, professions, countries, boybands, the viral groufie now has touched the world of anime! According to one netizen, each of the group's outfits to fans of specific Japan-made animated shows. Diether would likely identify as a My Hero Academia fan, while John Lloyd would likely watch One Piece. Piolo could also identify as an Attack of Titan fan, while Jericho could opt for Jujutsu Kaisen.