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Nadine Lustre admired by netizens for being 'approachable’ and looking 'fresh' during tricycle ride in Siargao

By Jhon Dave Cusipag Published Jul 08, 2022 4:00 pm Updated Jul 08, 2022 8:58 pm

Remember when Nadine Lustre wowed her fans when she was captured buying lechon sauce while looking au naturel? Well, it looks like that viral moment has a part two only that this time, it happened during a tricycle ride in Siargao.

On Wednesday, July 6, netizen Dalton Claudio tweeted a photo of "President" Nadine riding a tricycle with him and his sister Minezka in Siargao. "Quick kamustahan with president Nadine 😂  #nadine gandaaa!" he captioned his post.

The photo shows the prime actress rocking a black oversized sunglasses, sleeveless gray crop top, and her new ginger hair.

Dalton mentioned in the comments section of his post that Nadine appeared tired, yet she still made time for a groufie. “Maganda, mahinhin at approachable,” he wrote. “Sana lahat ng celebrity kasing approachable nya. Now I understand the fandom. Here's to President Nadine!” 

In a quick chat with PhilStar L!fe, Dalton said that he and his sister were on their way to their hotel, Ilakai Hostel, on Monday when they accidentally met Nadine and had a chance to ride with her on a tricycle. 

“The thing is she’s going to a surfing spot near our drop-off point. Her tricycle driver won’t be able to drop her off to the location. She could have waited and ridden another tricycle but opted instead to ride with us at the back seat,” Dalton said. 

“Lahat naman nagtratryk pero 'di lahat kayang makisama, lalo na artista siya,” he added.  

He also told PhilStar L!fe that he likes the way Nadine treated the tricycle drivers in Siargao: “Magalang siya and hindi masungit.” 

Dalton said that his short but sweet encounter with the actress turned him into an avid fan in a jiffy. “I’m not an AVID/solid supporter of her, but I’m more of an admirer,” he recalled. “But I think I just became one after meeting her.” 

Good looks aside, Dalton also admires Nadine for her advocacies for the LGBTQ+ community, environment, and good governance. 

Meanwhile, fans of the Wildest Dreams singer were also happy to see their idol again riding a tricycle in Siargao. 

Nadine moved to Siargao in 2021 after falling in love with the island. In an episode of Liza Soberano's podcast series An Open Mind last March, Nadine shared how she "manifested" living a new life in Siargao during a consultation session with her life coach, Tita Cindy.

“Back in May or April, we had this one session where she made me get a piece of paper. And then she asked me a couple of questions," Nadine told Liza.

"She asked [me], 'Where do you wanna be in six months?' I wrote near the ocean or mountains," she continued. "Because honestly, I just want to get out of the city and live somewhere close to nature because that's where I really find myself at peace. After a couple of months, I was in Siargao.”

Lustre’s latest appearance was with her ex-boyfriend James Reid at a fashion ball held at the Manila Marriott Hotel and at Liza's contract signing with James' record label Careless Music in Quezon City.