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Son Ye-jin talks about Hyun Bin in first vlog guesting since getting married

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Sep 21, 2023 5:05 pm

Power couple Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin no doubt fascinated the world when they said their "I do's" in what people dubbed the "wedding of the century." While everyone has been keeping tabs on their K-drama-like love story, the Hallyu superstars have kept things private about their family.

On Thursday, Sept. 20, Ye-jin finally made her first vlog guesting since getting married on March 31, 2022, and welcomed their firstborn, Alkong, on Nov. 27, 2022.

Ye-jin was recently guested by South Korean professional golfer Lim Jin Han in his vlog series titled Lim Jin Han Class. During the episode, Jin Han and the actress played golf at the Seoungnam Country Club in Seoul and talked about Hyun Bin.

Screenshot/Lim Jin Han Class YouTube channel

The host began the show, mentioning that it has been two years since Ye-jin made an appearance in his vlog series. Now that she's already a wife and a mother, she probably doesn't have enough time to play golf. The actress agreed, saying, "No, I don't."

Despite that, the 41-year-old star was recently able to refresh her knowledge and skills for the sport with the help of her hubby, who Jin Han describes to be a "great golfer" who could almost pass as a professional.

After agreeing that her husband is such, Ye-jin went on to say that they just played golf lately.

"After I decided to be on your show, I asked him to play with me and give advice to me," she said.

"He points out some of the problems that I have. We practice together, and he tells me if I need to fix anything," the Crash Landing on You star added.

Jin Han went on to point out that Hyun Bin is an expert in the "basics of golf" and told his wife, "If you learn from him, you will learn the fundamental aspects of golf."

Ye-jin, for her part, said that playing the sport can be "tricky." She continued, "Sometimes I think I have mastered the sport, other days I hit horribly."

Screenshot/Lim Jin Han Class YouTube channel

Later in the show, the pro golfer told the actress about the public and their friends' perception of their marriage.  "It was quite sensational when people found out you guys were dating and got married," he began.

"When you two got married, all the men were saying, 'Hyun Bin is so lucky. He is marrying Son Ye-jin'. All the women were saying, 'Son Ye Jin is so lucky. She is marrying Hyun Bin,'" the pro golfer remarked.

Ye-jin gave Jin Han the witty response, "Didn't they talk about how Hyun Bin was getting the slightly better end of the bargain?" before both of them burst into laughter.

Minutes before the show ended, the YouTuber once again brought Hyun Bin up, saying "he is so kind and caring."

Ye-jin replied, "He is, without a doubt," then went on to reveal that Hyun Bin is also a perfectionist.

"I mean, I’ve been asking him to be on you’re show. You know he’s a perfectionist. He said that he would practice harder and get better then he would be on the show," the celebrity mom concluded.