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WATCH: Ces Drilon is a hilarious 'Stressed Drilon' in new milk tea commercial

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Sep 23, 2023 10:43 am

The stressful life of an employee is no laughing matter, but broadcast journalist Ces Drilon brought her popular meme to life as she transformed into a relatably stressed worker in a new milk tea commercial.

Taiwan-based fresh tea beverage company CoCo has dropped a new commercial that puts Ces into the spotlight as "Stress Drilon," a company worker who is hilariously plagued with a series of unfortunate events that only fuels her stress even before she arrives at work.

In case you forgot, "Stress Drilon" is a play on the journalist's name often used jokingly, but it can also be used to express genuine feelings of stress.

The commercial starts off with Ces drinking her morning coffee only to spit it out after she accidentally puts salt in it instead of sugar. The scene then cuts to the journalist striking a straw against the lid of a large statue of CoCo's signature milk tea cup while uttering curse words.

The next unlucky event to happen to Ces is finding a cluster of nails as she exits her house. Perplexed at where the nails had come from, she then discovers that one of her car's tires had been flattened after it was mysteriously pierced by a hammer.

Ces could only sigh in exhaustion as the scene then cuts to her once again hitting CoCo's milk tea cup with a straw.

Unable to drive her car, Ces tries to commute, but a passing truck splashes murky water at her, ruining her outfit. 

Cold, wet, and dirty, it seems that things could not get possibly worse for Ces, but when she finally arrives at the office, a security guard questions her as to why she is at the office.

Ces argues, "Anong bakit ako nandito? Papasok ako ng trabaho!"

The guard then responds, "Linggo po ngayon, ma'am."

After striking CoCo's milk tea statue once more, Ces finally decides to "cool off at CoCo" and enjoy her the taste of her milk tea drink.

Many social media users were amused by the seasoned journalist's performance, who noted it as witty and brilliantly executed.

"Hahaha winner! I can relate talaga. Milk tea is my anti-stress," one user wrote.

Another one commented, "Brilliant! Galing ni Cess dito. Life's not perfect, it's about finding those chill moments that make you smile and make the most out of it. Find your calm in the midst of chaos."

CoCo's commercial comes as they have installed the very same large cup from the commercial at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall to encourage their customers to also channel their stress and rage by striking a straw through the cup.