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#FangirlGigs: All the highlights of GOT7 JayB's 'Tape: Press Pause' concert in Manila

By Djulienne Foster Published Oct 10, 2022 9:57 pm

AHGASEs were definitely excited for another GOT7 tingi version. 

JayB is the fifth member of GOT7 to hold a show in the Philippines after his bandmates Jackson, BamBam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom performed for Filipino AHGASEs in their solo shows. He made sure to give it his all to perform for his beloved fans to make it a night to remember.  

Here are some memorable moments from JayB’s Tape: Press Pause concert.

AHGASEs’ warm welcome 

As early as 3 pm, AHGASEs were already lining up at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao. Many were dressed in green, carrying their GOT7 lightstick called Ahgabongs, small banners, and other merch to show their support for JayB. The line seemed to never cease, up until the start of the show.

Once inside, a sea of green lit up the dark venue. While waiting for JayB, the fans sang along to GOT7’s Page as it was being played in the jam-packed auditorium.

When JayB appeared on stage for his first song “Switch It Up”, Filo AHGASEs gave him a warm welcome, cheering and waving their lightsticks as they sang along with him. 

JayB asks for dinner recommendations 

When you’re in a new place, you have to try local food. Who else would JayB ask but the fans for dinner recommendations?

Without any hesitation, AHGASEs said he should try Jollibee. Not knowing what that is, a fan explained it to him. He then asked for soup recommendations, saying that he liked that kind of food. Fans gave him a resounding response: sinigang.

JayB later asked what he can eat with this famous Filipino delicacy. One recommended he eat it with bangus or milkfish. 

Filipino lessons with Pinoy Ahgases

JayB really wanted to immerse himself in the culture and language of the country he was visiting. He asked fans to translate “You guys are so passionate” so that he can tell them in Filipino. Even fans had difficulty translating, not sure what to say until an AHGASE gave his best attempt with “Ang gagaling niyo."

When he asked fans to teach him more, they taught him how to say “Ang pogi ko” until he got it right. Funny enough, they also taught him how to say “shot puno," a Filipino slang used during drinking sessions.

What really sent fans over the edge was when he said “Mahal ko kayo” and "Ang ganda niyo."

James Reid as his special guest 

JayB is not the only star who performed that night. AHGASEs cheered as James Reid came on stage to join him in singing Hello 2.0. James also sang his latest song, u & i. JayB said that it was their first time meeting each other in person. 

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AHGASEs show their love through a special fan project

AHGASEs showed their appreciation for JayB in a fan video, which showed him performing and being with the members of GOT7. Their messages for him were also included. “Your Filipino Ahgases have so much to tell you but our words will never be enough to really say how we feel,” it read at one point in the video. “If we can say one thing, it would be thank you…” 

When the video ended, the fans started chanting "best leader." JayB admitted that as the grooup's leader, he feels pressured but promised to do his best. He then said that he was happy that Manila was his first stop for his tour. He felt he could finish it because of the fan's heartwarming cheer.

Fans want more 

All good things must come to an end but AHGASEs seem to want more. Despite saying that he will be performing his last song, fans started chanting “Walang uuwi!” JayB then gave his fans what they wanted, including a GOT7 medley of Page, Teenager, Breath, Thursday, and Nanana.