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Kris Bernal responds to comment asking if she regrets getting pregnant: 'Blessed for the miracle of life'

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published May 09, 2023 4:59 pm

While getting pregnant is indeed a marvelous and joyous experience, it can't be denied that those nine months aren't all filled with rainbows and butterflies, especially when bodily changes start to manifest.

On her Instagram account, Kris Bernal detailed some of the changes that she experienced now that she is 26 weeks pregnant.

"Baby is moving around like a gymnast. Linea negra and pink streaks in my belly become more noticeable. I can barely see my vagina or anywhere beneath my belly. Having the wildest, weirdest dreams of my life with night sweats. Experiencing pregnancy insomnia that comes with anxiety and worries. And, just most of the time I'm in zombie mode! The list goes on," Kris wrote.

Despite the effects that pregnancy has on her body, Kris highlighted that she remains feeling blessed in becoming a mother and that her baby girl is already filling her days with so much love and hope.

She accompanied her post with a humorous video of herself crying while wearing a pink two-piece swimsuit, and in the background, a clip of herself is being played that shows her wearing the same swimwear minus her baby bump.

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However, some social media users seemed to have gotten the wrong message about her satirical video and questioned her if she regrets getting pregnant.

"Blessing yan. Parang pinagsisihan mo?" one user commented.

Responding to the question, Kris emphasized that she feels nothing but joy and gratefulness for the child inside her, "Blessed for the miracle of life, for what my body is doing, and loving my bump in this season which means my baby is growing!"

She went on, "It doesn't make you a bad mama or ungrateful to have feelings that aren't always sunshine and rainbows!"

Some netizens meanwhile sympathized with what Bernal was experiencing with her body and encouraged her to enjoy her baby bump as her body can still return to normal post-pregnancy.

"I know how you feel, but just enjoy this pregnancy. Don’t worry about your body too much," one user commented.

Another one wrote, "Enjoy your pregnancy! Soon you will experience the overflowing joy your baby will bring! Still a hot momma!"

Kris first announced that she is expecting a child with her husband Perry Choi on March 3, wherein they did a unique and hilarious movie-themed maternity photoshoot. The couple got engaged in February 2020 before finally taking their relationship to the altar in September 2021.