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For Nico Bolzico, Argentina's World Cup 2022 win is more than 'just' football

By JUSTINE PUNZALAN Published Dec 19, 2022 12:10 pm

Argentina took home the coveted World Cup 2022 trophy after a grueling match against France today, Dec. 19, and for Nico Bolzico, his homeland's win is more than just about football.

The Argentinian businessman, who has been proudly showing his support for his country in the competitions, took a 16-hour flight from the Philippines to Qatar to watch the finals at the Lusail Stadium in person with his family and friends.

Shortly after Argentina concluded the match with a three-peat, the semi-professional football player posted a series of Instagram Stories, with one that says, "30 hours without sleep! All worth it! It's not 'just' football."


Bolzico also shared an Instagram post on how the country's feat is one that he holds close to his heart because football is a sport that gave him some of his life's "best memories."

"It is hard to explain to not football fans," Bolzico began.

"We grow up playing football, regardless if you are good or bad at it; dad taking you to the stadium is some of your first childhood memories," he continued. "Some of your best memories are about football; you made friends because of football; we can spend hours talking about football; you cry for football; football is part of your culture and DNA."

"It doesn't make sense, it is not rational, it is just an emotion!" he added.

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On top of his personal experiences with football, Bolzico noted how the victory is "one of the most important game in Argentine Football history" as it, in a way, redeems the country which has been engulfed in economic and political problems.

Argentinians have been living in recession since 1950, according to a Washington Post report. Its increasing poverty rate coincides with its rising inflation rate which, according to the Financial Times, is expected to reach 100% by the end of the year.

The outlet's report also noted that the Argentinian's debts from over-the-odds government programs continue to pile up. All this, while the government has been living through political turmoil brought about by democrats, republicans, and Peronism—a popularist movement founded by former President Juan Peron.

"This game was the most important game in Argentine Football history," Bolzico said. "A country divided in two, suffering from years of adverse economy conditions, that for the first time in a long while, felt as one. The team showed that you don't need money to be within the best countries in the world; you need a united team, hard work, humbleness and leadership."

The social media personality, in addition, commended football star Lionel Messi for hoisting Argentina's first win since 1986. Messi defeated defending champion France 4-2 after scoring twice when the teams tied at 3-3.

"Today the country looks at a new idol, a great footballer but most importantly a great person, who always put family first, a great example for the kid growing up!" Bolzico remarked.

Lastly, the father of two sent his warm thanks to his wife, Solenn Heussaff, for allowing him to watch the game live. Heussaff has given birth to their second child on Dec. 14. In an Instagram post that day, Bolzico joked that they chose "Lionel" as their child's second name, as inspired by the football champ.

"PS: thanks Bebu for allowing me to be here. On my way back to you and the girls! Love you!" Bolzico concluded his post.