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8 BTS V solo songs to keep you warm and cozy

By Mica Rodriguez Published Dec 30, 2022 7:42 pm Updated Dec 30, 2022 8:04 pm

December is a special month for BTS and ARMY not only because of the holiday season—it is the birth month of two loved members: Worldwide Handsome Jin (Kim Seokjin) and Visual King V (Kim Taehyung).

The month starts with the special day of the group's eldest, and the month ends with a warm hug from the resident winter bear.

Among the members of BTS, there is no doubt that Kim Taehyung or V is one of those who is transparent in showing his love and appreciation to fans. He fondly calls ARMY his ‘best friends’ and what do good friends do? Give presents that will make you feel loved and keep you warm, especially on the cold nights of December.

One way V has been showing his love for ARMY is by releasing music every December—whether it is an original composition of his or a cover of a song that can comfort its listeners.

Today, Dec. 30, is his birthday and one way to celebrate this special day is by listening to his solo songs. Be inspired to write your goals for 2023 as we listen to V’s heartwarming tracks.


Released in 2016 as part of the groundbreaking BTS album ‘Wings’, Stigma is a neo-soul track where V was able to show his vocal range and prove that he can interpret a song sincerely.

The song, which is V's first official solo track, tackles the feeling of guilt and how he can’t hide how he feels. This is about his character in the Bangtan Universe (BU), where he had done something to his fictional father in the storyline.

One of the highlights of the song is V's high notes at the bridge, which adds drama to the track and makes it the perfect song to play as you reflect on your past mistakes in life.


There’s something about V’s vocals that automatically makes listeners crave for more. That is the effect of Singularity the first time you'd hear it.

The music video of the song was released as the teaser for the Love Yourself: Tear album in 2018. It shows V performing a restrained but slick choreography, with glasses breaking at one point in the clip to signify his realization of how he’s been untrue all this time. The video ends with him hiding his face behind a white mask to symbolize how he has been concealing his true self to be loved by others.

His live performances of Singularity on the "BTS Love Yourself World Tour" is often applauded by fans. Don’t you just want to hug that good-looking guy on stage and shower him with true love?


In January 2019, V surprised ARMY when he uploaded his first solo song outside BTS, which he composed and produced himself.

This soothing and calm track was created by V in relation to his love for photography and preserving memories by taking pictures, especially during his trips abroad. He revealed in the BTS docu-film ‘Break The Silence’ that he wants to translate memorable moments in his life through songs and even revealed that photos are a real source of strength to him.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, playing Scenery as you look at some of your most treasured photos will make you more appreciative of these special moments. Also, this track is a starting point in V’s blossoming career as a sensible songwriter.

Winter Bear

Fans fondly call V a ‘baby tiger’ or a ‘baby bear’ because of his personality. The latter nickname eventually evolved to Winter Bear since he was born in December.

Winter Bear is probably his most simple yet comforting track. One might think that the track is directed towards a love interest, but as the song progresses, it will make you think to whom this song is truly dedicated.

Though the real inspiration for the song was never discussed by V in his live streams or interviews, there are speculations that he might’ve written the song for his grandmother, who passed away in 2016. His loving grandmother raised him and he often expressed his love and admiration to her in BTS’ early days. Some speculate that Winter Bear is a bereavement song, especially in the part ‘sleep like a winter bear…’.

Whatever V’s real inspiration is behind the song, you cannot deny the fact that the song has healing powers for its listeners (at least for our hearts). Watching the music video he created himself brings additional comfort too.

Inner Child

Inner Child is V’s solo song on BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 album in 2020. The uplifting pop track is his love letter to his younger self and a way of expressing how he doesn't want to lose the idealistic kid in him. Being childlike is encouraged from time to time, especially in the unpredictable world we live in right now.

Kim Taehyung might be one of the top visuals in the world right now, but he will always be the TaeTae who loved to dream and enjoy life. Inner Child is in a way an assurance to that little kid that he’s on the right track and everything will be okay.

Sweet Night

In 2017, V became a cast member of the K-drama Hwarang, where he played the role of the mischievous Hansung. Through the show, he became good friends with lead stars Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung-sik. Eventually, they formed the group Wooga Squad’ with actor Choi Woo Shik and singer Peakboy.

In 2020, V surprised fans when he revealed that he recorded a song for the OST of the K-Drama Itaewon Class where Park Seo Joon is the main protagonist. This song perfectly fits the developing love line of the series. Co-written by V, the song features the singer harmonizing with Matilda Mann, adding to the song’s relatability. Don’t we all have that moment in our lives where we wonder at night if the person we are interested in feels the same way too?

Snow Flower

V released Snow Flower on the first Christmas Eve of the pandemic era as a way to provide comfort to everyone weary during those uncertain times. This comforting ballad, which features his good friend Peakboy, gives one cozy winter vibes in an instant.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, V revealed that he wrote Snow Flower while he was drinking with fellow musicians and got tipsy. His highly anticipated mixtape was postponed then so he wanted to release something else for ARMY.

As the title suggests, V also said that the song is inspired by the pretty sight of flowers being "blanketed in snow" during the winter season. He explained, “I started hoping that flowers wouldn’t wither away and just keep on blooming on snowy days. But in reality, when it snowed, all the flowers were crushed, the world became blanketed in snow, and I felt like the flower buds turned into snow flowers. I wrote that song about how I felt after watching that happen."

Christmas Tree

After recording a song for Park Seo Joon’s Itaewon Class in 2020, V recorded another soothing track for a good friend’s K-Drama. This time, the lucky recipient is Choi Wooshik for his 2021 series, Our Beloved Summer. The show premiered on Dec. 6 that year, and it was already Christmas by the time Christmas Tree was released on music platforms.

Although the song was not written and produced by V, there are ‘Taehyung feels’ all over the track. The romantic Christmas ballad is now one of the most-loved Holiday tracks and we’re not complaining!