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Fangirl guide: These 14 top-tier songs prove why Wendy Son is Red Velvet’s main vocalist

By Hannah Mallorca Published Feb 22, 2022 10:34 am

Son Seungwan, also known as Wendy Son, debuted as Red Velvet’s main vocalist with a bang through her powerful “shine on me” on the bridge of the song Happiness. Since then, she went on to become one of the best vocalists in K-pop’s third generation.

Wendy is one of the rare gems among K-pop main vocalists who’s known for her impeccable range. She can play around with her rich voice by delivering mind-blowing high notes or serenading fans with her velvety, low notes. 

Wendy’s voice plays a huge role in Red Velvet’s discography that it’s hard to imagine their songs without her. So, without further ado, allow us to list 14 songs that prove why she’s a one-of-a-kind vocalist in the K-pop industry. 

Milky Way

Arguably Red Velvet’s best vocal performance, the re-arranged Milky Way (originally sung by K-pop powerhouse Boa) is a track that shows off Wendy’s range and harmonizing abilities at its best. She gracefully switches from her low, middle, and upper range at ease which can even be heard at the chorus. Plus, who can forget her eargasmic adlibs?


Happiness is an epitome of a musical carnival—and Wendy is in the front seat. The sweet and edgy track is the perfect start to Red Velvet’s discography as she hits listeners with a mind-blowing “Shine on me / Let it shine on me” on the bridge. While this song is not the first glimpse of Wendy’s vocal abilities, it’s a fitting way to show what she can do.

So Good

So Good is an example of a slow and enticing R&B ballad done right. Wendy’s deep voice is a perfect fit for its sensuous melody as she showed off her vocal runs and adlibs without being too overwhelming. We’re still obsessed with her “I like that scent that submerged me / I like this feeling, come closer” in the refrain.

Like Water

The folksy, almost K-drama-inspired Like Water feels like a story told through song—with Wendy’s emotive voice as the instrument. The heart-warming track, which talks about “completing each other,” is a fitting title track that shows the singer’s growth as a vocalist.

Hit That Drum

Hit That Drum is reminiscent of a street festival with pounding drums and percussion instruments, hints of melodic techno, and Wendy’s powerful performance. The moment she hit her high note—which lasted 12 seconds long—at the bridge, we knew we were a goner.

I Just 

One of our favorite Red Velvet b-sides to date, the EDM-heavy I Just is an edgier take on Red Velvet’s velvet concept. The song is a charismatic display of the girl group’s vocal abilities, with Wendy showing her extensive vocal range. It’s easy to get lost in a song as instrumental-heavy as this one, yet she managed to knock it out of the park.

RBB (Really Bad Boy)

RBB (Really Bad Boy) is an epitome of vocal insanity as Red Velvet flirted with their animalistic side. The song showed off Wendy’s powerful voice at full blast from her “Ohmigod! / He’s a really bad boy / He’s a really bad boy” at the chorus to her “I like it / No matter how bad / Look, you shine in the world” that reaches the heavens.

Eyes Locked, Hands Locked

The slow, romantic Eyes Locked, Hands Locked feels like Wendy’s canvas to flex her delicious harmonies. Aside from her signature belt at the bridge, she stood as Red Velvet’s vocal pillar with her middle range as the focal point of the group’s harmony.

Last Love

Wendy is one of the strongest vocalists in K-pop and Last Love showed that ballads are her forte. A remake of the 1999 song with the same name, Wendy proved that being the main vocalist is more than hitting high notes and showing off your techniques. It’s about displaying your emotions in every note as well. You can almost hear her cry while singing.

Be Natural

Seductive, smoky, and infectious, Be Natural is a soulful track that feels like Wendy’s vocal playground. Her sensual “Baby, come on / I’ll be there for you” in the intro and eargasmic vocal runs is a fitting introduction to her potential as the main vocalist. Can you believe this track was released as a follow-up to Red Velvet’s debut?

Written In The Stars

An oldie, but underrated goodie. Written In The Stars is a lowkey, acoustic single that talks about lovers who eventually find their way back to each other. A collaboration with the talented John Legend, Wendy showed that is a fitting duet partner to domestic and international artists.

One Of These Nights

Wendy channeled her inner Disney princess with the melancholic One Of These Nights, a painful callback to South Korea’s Sewol Ferry tragedy in 2014. The orchestral, R&B ballad seems like an easy route to show powerful belts—but she proved that you don’t have to go big to bring out the emotions of pain and despair. 


A hidden gem in Red Velvet’s discography, Look is a love letter to the ‘80s with its synthwave melody. The retro song feels reminiscent of the girl group’s earlier tracks but as more mature artists. Of course, Wendy’s versatility took center stage as she showed off her sensuous lower range at the chorus and her upper register at the bridge. 

Huff n Puff

Huff n Puff feels like entering the confusing fairytale of Alice in Wonderland with its thumping drum beat and synth honks. At first, we thought the song wouldn’t work with Wendy’s voice but it totally does. Her powerful adlibs, eargasmic runs, and her attention-grabbing “Knock knock baby” are worthy of a chef’s kiss.