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#FangirlGuide: 10 songs that prove Stell Ajero is the main vocalist of SB19

By Katelyn Cassandra Alvarez Published Oct 22, 2022 3:09 pm

With his breathtaking vocals, astonishing performances, and alluring visuals, it’s hard to deny that Stell Ajero of SB19 is a gem in the P-pop industry. 

Through the years, Stell has showcased show-stopping performances that caught the hearts of fans. Even with all the high praises, his impeccable vocals deserve attention. So, allow us to list down 10 songs that show why he’s the main vocalist of the P-pop sensation.  

Tilaluha by SB19  

Starting with the ballad Tilaluha, Stell’s high notes are a delight to the ears. SB19’s debut single is an emotional tribute to unrequited love. The song’s soulful melody became a canvas for the main vocalist to pour out his emotions and hugot into the lyrics.  

Mapa by SB19  

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Mapa even just once. 

In a Spotify ad for the group’s EP Pagsibol, SB19’s leader Pablo said the song came to fruition after he and Stell talked about what they wanted to say to their parents. Perhaps, this is why his vocals sound more powerful since you can feel his love for his family. 

All By Myself by Celine Dion (cover) 

If there’s one person who can beat Stell’s high notes, it would be himself.

Stell showed off his vocal prowess in a powerful cover of Celine Dion’s hit song at the group’s “Back in the Zone” concert. What makes this performance more impressive is that he didn’t lower the track’s pitch—which means he flawlessly pulled it off in its original key. 

WYAT (Where You At?) by SB19 

SB19 sang it best—this catchy bop is definitely "embedded in our heart and soul.” Apart from the song’s retro vibes and earworm-worthy melody, Stell’s eargasmic vocals took centerstage, especially with his “Oh, baby” at the refrain. 

Go Up by SB19 

Go Up is the song that’s close to every A’TIN’s heart since it started it all for SB19. 

The track is the introduction to the best of what the P-pop group has to offer—and Stell’s powerful voice (which shines at the bridge) is one of the best ways to attract curious fans. 

Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Stell Ajero and Justin de Dios cover) 

JahStell sub-unit in the future? Yes, please! 

It’s hard not to fall in love with Stell and Justin—their cover of Shallow is the best way to tug your heartstrings. Who knew that a year-ender gift turned out to be an opportunity for the members to show their respective strengths? Plus, this is a sign for the members of the group to take a leap and release unit singles in the future. 

Hanggang sa Huli by SB19  

Another painful ballad in SB19’s repertoire, Hanggang sa Huli is proof that getting heartbroken is the best way to produce the best art. It’s impossible for fans to not get awe of Stell’s powerful voice but this song strays from his usual performances, focusing on his emotions and restraint.

Bazinga by SB19  

Who’s the boss? SB19, of course.

Bazinga starts with a bang with Stell’s powerful belts being the center of attention. A song for dreamers, fighters, and even haters, the banger acts as a canvas for the main vocalist to flex his high notes. But if we have to choose a favorite part, the bridge featuring the spine-tingling duet with Justin remained in our fangirl hearts. 

Heart Attack by Demi Lovato (cover)
@stellajero16 gulat siya eh 😲 #fyp #heartattack gulat din siya!! @kensuson5 ♬ original sound - Vester Ajero

The 2021 “cover” might have lasted for 15 seconds but it’s more than enough for Stell’s voice to reach the heavens. 

Stell channeled his inner Demi Lovato as he joined the popular Heart Attack challenge on Tiktok—and passed with flying colors. He might’ve looked shocked at the end but it was such a delight for fans that it gained over six million views and 1.3 million likes. 

Mana by SB19  

Any performance of Mana can make outsiders feel breathless even just by watching, but Stell manages to pull off the song’s notes with ease. The song also showed off the charming vocalist’s ability to make changing from high to low notes look so easy.