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Maggie Wilson on why she isn't having another baby soon: 'I refuse until there is peace'

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jun 15, 2023 7:01 pm

"I refuse until there is peace." This is what Maggie Wilson stressed as she opened up on why she isn't keen on welcoming another child into the world.

On her Instagram account, the former beauty queen took the time to compile pictures she has of her son Connor and speak up on the issue after some have been questioning her why she doesn't have another baby.

Addressing the question, Wilson wrote, "The answer to that is not yet," before mentioning a certain person in her life who had inspired her to reflect on this matter.

"Having spent time with someone who always says he is not ready for children because he feels deep accountability and responsibility for their future. That he doesn't feel the need to rush and he will only have them once he is mature enough has made me think and look deeper."

Wilson gave birth to Connor in 2012 with former partner Victor Consunji, who she now has an antagonistic relationship with. The television personality is now being romantically linked to her business partner Tim Connor.

"I believe in resolving issues before bringing another child into this world," she wrote. "I will only think about getting married again once the conflict is settled. I refuse until there is peace."

Wilson is firm in not putting her son "through more trauma," adding that he doesn't deserve that.

"I refuse to have him adapt without proper communication. That is simply unfair to a child. I want my son to feel safe. To feel loved and to be able to love, feel and speak without fear," she stressed.

She continued, "No child should ever be brainwashed to fit someone else's motive or made to adjust because adults can't communicate and resolve their trauma and conflict."

According to her, she will wait "no matter how long it takes" until they can move past those issues "even if it means that I will not be able to have another child."

Wilson ended her message by highlighting that she still believes in love and that it's important for parents to teach their children how to be compassionate, respectful, honest, accountable, and kind.

"Teach them how to communicate. Teach them to be real men so their future partners can feel safe. Raise them to be good and be someone they can be proud of," she wrote.

In September 2021, Wilson and Consunji announced their separation after 11 years of marriage, calling it a "difficult decision" at the time. Later on, however, they have gone public with their feud and have since been caught up in legal disputes. 

Since the couple's separation, Connor has been staying with his father, and it has been almost a year since Wilson last saw him.