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From airport to date night looks: Heart Evangelista shares styling tips on her latest vlog

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Sep 20, 2023 4:50 pm

Want to travel fashionably without bringing too many clothes in your luggage? Well, fashion icon Heart Evangelista has the answer to your dilemma. 

In her latest vlog, the actress spilled that she is all about experimenting and having fun when creating looks. She noted that her secret to styling outfits for personal trips is to simply put "random stuff together."

From her airport look to an "expensive"-looking wildcard look, here are some of Heart's tips on how to always look chic and elegantly beautiful during your trips.

Wear pants when on a plane

Heart started the video with her usual airport look, which is anything loose and comfy enough to be slept in. In the video, she wore an oversized blazer with a cropped denim top and baggy pants.

She also noted the importance of wearing pants when riding a plane. According to her, this might save you from attracting sharks when unfortunate things happen. 

"Whenever you're riding a plane, you always have to wear pants—not shorts, not a skirt, pants. Because just in case of the unfortunate happens and you were to kind of crash into the water, and you're there floating and if you're wearing short or a skirt, your skin will shine like fish and that what's going to attract the sharks," she explained.

According to Florida Museum, sharks are indeed attracted to shiny or reflective objects like jewelry as they are sensitive to light. The glint of the metal "approximates the glint of light off the scales of fishes, the normal food items of most sharks." However, there is no scientific evidence on whether human skin attracts sharks.

The US Naval Institute, meanwhile, noted that sharks are more "highly sensitive to light and dark patterns, yet [have] a low visual acuity" and so humans must avoid wearing light-colored clothing when swimming.

Use hair ties to roll up your sleeves

As a fan of loose clothing, the style influencer also suggested that hair ties can be useful for styling.

"I always have a bag of ponytails because I like to put it on my sleeves [and] roll it up. Because you get so irritated whenever you roll up your sleeve [and] it just keeps slipping down," she said.

Dress according to your mood

To borrow words from a psychologist, Dr. Karen Pine, "Clothing doesn't just influence others, it reflects and influences the wearer's mood." This holds true for Heart, who says that fashion is about "expressing and feeling good about yourself."

"[It's] all about having a good balanced look," she noted.

Blazers are game-changers

A well-made blazer, according to Heart, is a necessity in her wardrobe because it can easily dress up a simple look. The men's staple can be worn for any occasion—date night, a formal event, a meeting, or brunch with friends. 

"It doesn't have to be expensive, but it's important for me to invest in a really good blazer because it really brings the game to a different level," she said. 

"Whenever you buy pants, if there's an available blazer that comes with it grab it, you'll always use it together," she added. 

White is elegant

Heart also claims that wearing all white is one of the simplest ways to make a look sophisticated and put together—just like what she did with her "grocery look" comprising of a white tank top and loose pants. 

Heart Evangelista on her "Grocery Look"

"Invest in a really nice pair of like a blazer and white slacks because it is something that's super flexible," she explained while noting that she can up her looks by changing her shoes and accessories. 

But also... you can never go wrong with black

While white for her is elegance, Heart also noted that wearing black shows power just like what she has shown in her vlog. She wore a nice lingerie dress that can be used to create a "power look" paired with a blazer, heels, and jewelry making it an instant formal wear. 

"You can get really nice lingerie [anywhere]," she said while suggesting some stores where to buy nice-looking lingerie. 

She continued, "Put on a blazer and accessorize." 

Buy something that you can mix and match with your existing items

Heart enjoys shopping—there's no doubt about it—but she only invests in pieces that she can wear repeatedly.

The actress used a blue open-front top and white corset as an illustration and said that wearing it with black would give her a completely different appearance.

"I don't want to just splurge and not use it again. When I buy something, I make sure I can use it again," she said.

Expensive-looking doesn't mean burning a hole in your pocket

At the end of the video, Heart reiterated that price tag will not determine how you will look good in a specific style, it's all about how you put things together and wear it comfortably. 

"It's all about how you put things together and it's how you feel about yourself to make something expensive-looking."