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5 quick fixes for your hair problems

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published May 08, 2024 4:59 am

A bad hair day can ruin a lasting impression at work or your revenge encounter with an ex on the streets. Adding on to the fact, long commutes in the metro can make your crowning glory a tiara of shame, with all the heat, smoke, and dust seemingly teaming up against your hair game. Be on top of the situation when experiencing these hair problems with these quick fixes.

  1. Frizzy hair

Working from home and Zoom calls might be a thing of the recent past for most of us. Now that we’re back in the office, there’s no off-cam option when our hair gets frizzy due to the heat, smoke, and dust ruining all our hair prep throughout our commutes.

Frizzy hair is caused by a lack of moisture in the hair and you might be using the wrong shampoo. Use the Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable shampoo to beat the frizz with its Activ-Infusion blend! Get up to 5x smoother hair and be more confident as you head to the workplace.

  1. Split ends

Do you always use a hair dryer or straightener before heading out? That can be bad for your hair. Frequent exposure to heat, chemicals, or friction can cause split ends, making the hair look dull, rough, and unhealthy.

To prevent and treat split ends, it’s essential to keep your hair well-hydrated and nourished. Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks can help remove the damaged ends and let you maintain a healthy length. Using a shampoo like Sunsilk Strong and Long with Activ-Infusion, which has a special blend of Biotin, Castor Oil, and Aloe Vera, can help strengthen your hair as it grows long!

  1. Smelly hair

Imagine the horror when you are rushing to the office and bird poop lands on your head. What may seem like a distant nightmare could happen to anyone, not to mention the heat and dust in your daily commute that could also leave your hair sticky or smelly. But there's no need to fret, as this is no challenge for Sunsilk's Smooth & Manageable shampoo, with their new best-ever fragrance leaving your hair with bangong nakakagigil!

  1. Flat hair

You’re not wearing anything on your head but you still have “hat hair”? That sucks when you suddenly have to attend a party in a few hours to represent your company or network for your business. 

Hair falling limp can be caused by sebum and dead skin cells. A long-term solution is using a shampoo like Sunsilk Strong & Long with Activ-Infusion, which can help make your long hair grow stronger and thicker-looking, ensuring you to leave an unforgettable first impression on sudden meet-ups.

  1. Unmanageable hair

Bad hair days do happen to the best of us and what makes it worse is when life makes our unpleasant looks get immortalized. It can happen on a company ID picture taking that will be an incessant conversation starter during lunch breaks. It can also happen during a photo session with your ultimate celebrity crush, making you miss that potentially viral Instagram moment.

Sometimes our hair feels like has a mind of its own, no matter how we comb it. Don’t you worry—Sunsilk’s here to rescue you from bad photo sessions. Get up to 5x smoother and long-lasting  fragrant hair with Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable with Activ-Infusion Blend.

Try Sunsilk with Activ-Infusion now with its best-ever fragrance! Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable and Sunsilk Strong & Long are available on the official Unilever Beauty store in Shopee and Lazada. For more information, follow on Facebook, Instagram, and X, and join the conversation online with the hashtag #SunsilkBestEverBangongNKKGGL.

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