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Coleen Garcia talks self-care and post-pregnancy skincare

By Camille Santiago Published Dec 15, 2020 4:26 am

They say becoming a mother changes you. The minute you become a parent, your focus turns to your new bundle of joy that you sometimes forget about yourself. As Coleen Garcia settles into motherhood, she is learning more things each day about the unexpected changes in her body—including her skin.

"It’s been a continuous journey of growth," shared Garcia, mom of Amari, to PhilSTAR L!fe when asked about how her transition into motherhood is. "Everything changed the moment I got pregnant, because ever since then, every day has been full of new things. New learnings, new experiences. Every day I’m excited for what’s to come, but also enjoying every moment I already get to have.”

Self-care for her sanity

Like any other parent, new challenges arise that sometimes she can't help but get overwhelmed. But for Garcia, the only way to look out for her overall health is by practicing self-care or “taking small steps to preserve your own happiness and sanity.”

“Our daily routines can get overwhelming, so each time we set our own needs and feelings aside, they tend to pile up until one day, we end up stressed, with no idea how it reached that point,” the Neutrogena ambassador said. 

The young mother allows herself to have a little “me-time” once in a while, which includes light workouts, showering, and having healthy meals and snacks to name a few. “Some acts of self-care can be so simple, and it can look different for everyone, but it really does make a difference to set aside some time to care for yourself the way you need to.”

Keeping it basic

Part of Garcia’s self-care routine involves skincare. Even though she hasn’t had much time nor energy to do an extensive routine, she still gives her skin all the essentials it needs by keeping it simple.

“I need to care for my skin even more now since I’ve been tired and drained, but I limit my routine to just a few products I love that are easily absorbed and don’t take too much of an effort to apply,” she says.

Her routine includes the basics: a cleanser, serums, eye cream, and hydrating moisturizer. “On days when I have a bit more time, I get to exfoliate with a mask!”

Since Garcia has dry and sensitive skin, she looks for products that will hydrate her skin and help lock in moisture such as the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line, which has hyaluronic acid, an ideal ingredient for dry skin. “If I don’t take care of [my dry skin], it could end up looking dull, and it could also be more prone to early signs of aging. At the same time, I also have to be careful when it comes to using different products on my face because I’ve also had some bad reactions to some of them.”

Self-care, to me, is all about giving importance your own health, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. It also means taking small steps to preserve your own happiness and sanity.

Motherhood is a continuing learning process. No matter what your parenting journey may look like, all parents can learn a thing or two from each other's experience. Below, Garcia shares skincare and self-care advice to fellow moms so you can be the best parent you could be!

Know which products work for you.

It doesn’t mean that if it works for others, it’ll work for you. Garcia says, “Our skin’s needs also change because of our hormones, so it’s good to keep your routine updated according to what your skin currently needs. In my case, I need to use products that are more hydrating.”

When in doubt, ask.

Moms, especially breastfeeding moms, should always be mindful of the products that they use. “It’s important to do your research and talk to your healthcare provider, so that you are aware of the products that are okay to use, as well as the ones you need to avoid,” said Garcia.

“Since I’m breastfeeding, I try to avoid products that are sticky and not easily absorbed because I wouldn’t want them to transfer to my baby’s hands when he reaches out to touch my face.”

Moms should also look out for ingredients that contain salicylic acids or retinoids while breastfeeding.

Set a routine.

“I learned that the best thing to do for my days as a new mommy is to set a routine,” said the host and actress.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, but the key to preserving my sanity is to still do a little something for myself every day, even if it’s just ONE small thing! Practicing self-care is important, no matter how busy you are, so you don’t burn yourself out.

Stay fresh all day.

Being hands-on to your baby is not a bad thing, but take time to freshen up! In an Instagram post Garcia shared that she loves the feeling of being fresh and clean, “It makes a huge difference and it puts me in a much better mood! So on days when I can’t have a little more time to myself, sometimes it’s enough for me to just take a shower and clean my face.”

Special thanks to Neutrogena and Cathy de Asis of Ogilvy