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Red and green flags in finding the ‘right one’

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Jan 20, 2023 9:00 am

As we start the year with everything fresh and new, we all want to avoid any negative vibes this 2023. This is the reason why we want to make smarter choices, and look out for warning signs that could lead to bad decisions.

One aspect of our lives that we should always be wary of is choosing the 'right one'. For most people, this can make or break their year.

To say that finding the ‘right one’ is complicated is quite an understatement. People have different personalities, and some qualifications we seek can be personal and subjective. But it cannot be denied that there are universal good traits (green flag) and universal bad traits (red flag) that we can be on the lookout for. Here are some of them.

Me, me, me

There’s plenty to be said about people who like to talk only about themselves. You know the type, you start having a conversation about your recent trip, and somehow that other person manages to hostage the discussion and makes it about them. If that person is that self-absorbed, watch out. They might not be able to be there for you when you just simply want someone to listen. #SignNaYan na wag mo na ituloy.

Impossible claims

Some people seem to live in a dream world, when it’s pretty obvious to everyone else that what they claim is simply not true. ‘Oh, I know (celebrity)”, “Oh yeah, I lived (some country you mentioned) there for a while”, “Me, too!”. Incredible, it seems, but this happens often enough that we all know someone who’s like this. Presko, is what some people call it. If they’re not upfront about things, they could easily come up with stories to get out of sticky situations. Definitely not good for relationships. #SignNaYan na wag mo nang patulan.

Too good to be true

Who does not want to be wooed and hear things we long to hear from our partners? But be on the lookout for extra sweet tongues. You know, the ones who wear their hearts too much on their sleeves. These people will say anything to woo you, but they might not necessarily live up to expectations. Dapat hanapin mo yung nagpapakatotoo, yet can deliver when you need them to.

All these are signs that you should look out for, and they all can be enticing enough to convince you to settle. What you may not realize is that settling can lead to more heartbreak and pain, so choose wisely.

Such things are also true with products that claim something yet deliver another. Just like in a relationship, trust only those that deliver on their promise. Pain should not be a part of the process. The signs are all there, if you look closely.

With skin whitening soaps, most offer tiis-ganda propositions: your skin will whiten, but your skin will suffer as you experience hapdi while using them.

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