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Fans are convinced that Jennie of BLACKPINK is (secretly) the owner of a well-known clothing brand

By Camille Santiago Published Jan 08, 2021 4:08 am

Could clothing brand Nieeh's name come from its "owners" Jennie and Chahee? Fans of the Korean singers are convinced after finding new evidence.

Nieeh is a Korean fashion brand founded in 2019. They sell a range of clothing wear—mostly basics such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies—and some accessories including bags, beanies, scrunchies, and headbands (a hair accessory mostly worn by Jennie).

On the brand's about page it says, "We hope to deliver positive energy with our timeless items that are resilient to trends."

Now, why is it relevant to the BLACKPINK singer? Well, fans are speculating that Jennie owns the brand, together with her good friend, Chahee. 

Below, we listed down their "theories" and see if it convinces you, too.

Jennie was spotted wearing Nieeh items on different occassions

Fans spotted Jennie wearing Nieeh's Envelope Bag in one of her posts. Okay, it may not be a big deal, but her followers noticed her loyalty to the brand as she's seen again wearing other items from Nieeh.

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A post shared by J (@jennierubyjane)

During her Jentle Home pop-up store launch in collaboration with Gentle House, she was spotted in a Nieeh Cloudy Day hoodie. 

Other posts reveal that she also owns the Crystal Hoodie, Sweatsuit Set Mini, Authentic Hoodie, Authentic Pants, and Pastel Short Beanie

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A post shared by J (@jennierubyjane)

People close to the K-pop artist were spotted wearing Nieeh

Who else is a fan of Nieeh? The other BLACKPINK girls and other Korean idols! BLACKPINK's Rose, JisooRed Velvet‘s Yeri, and Somi wore some pieces from the brand, too.

Jisoo posted a photo of herself wearing the Cloudy Day hoodie and Envelope Bag, tagging Nieeh.

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A post shared by JISOO? (@sooyaaa__)

Rose snapped a mirror selfie of herself wearing the Crystal Hoodie and Nieeh Tag Beanie.

Chahee and Nieeh posted the same photo

Fans also think that Jennie has a partner in Nieeh, and they think that this friend is Chahee. Koreaboo also noted that the Hangul spelling of Nieeh is pronounced as “nee-hee“. “Hee” which, when spelled in reverse, is the last three letters of Chahee's name. JeNIE + ChaHEE = NIEEH, get it?

Not only does Chahee wear clothes from the brand, but in a now deleted post, Koreaboo noticed that the former Melody Day singer and the clothing brand posted the same photo of a window. 

Photo from Koreaboo

Irene Kim may have just confirmed who the owner is

A few days ago, one of Jennie's friends, fashion and beauty blogger Irene Kim, shared a story on Instagram that she just received a bag from Nieeh's upcoming collection. She captioned it "so gooood," and also tagged Jennie, thanking the artist.

Later, she deleted the story and replaced the caption with a white heart emoji.

One Reddit user wrote, "This was speculated way back that she had some involvement when the brand first mysteriously popped up and all of a sudden the Pinks were endorsing it but having Irene (Kim) out her today just strongly confirms it."

Nothing's confirmed yet, but we can't help but think there's a huge possibility that the fashion brand is indeed hers. In an interview with Vogue Korea in 2019, Jennie said if she were to build a fashion label, "she wanted to make clothes that were 'comfortable' rather than 'fancy,'" the Korean celebrity news site said. And if you notice Nieeh's items, they all look very comfy indeed.

Photos from Jennie's Instagram (@jennierubyjane)