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Belo's Virtue RF: Global fashion icon Bryanboy's skin-perfecting secret

Published Oct 21, 2022 8:00 pm

Bryanboy, a permanent front row fixture at all the major fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London, and New York, is a social media sensation for good reason. He is certified fashion royalty, thanks to his exquisite taste, enviable network of the most influential fashionistas, and insightful takes on the ins and outs of the fashion industry.

As someone who is privy to the latest trends, Bryanboy finds himself being a purveyor of innovation as well, and his latest discovery comes in the form of a beauty procedure he simply can't stop raving about: Belo's Virtue RF.

As a proud Belo Baby, Bryanboy has always been transparent about his beauty journey and the procedures and products he has sworn by all these years, thanks to Belo.

He recognizes that Belo has always believed in investing in the future, and this is perfectly in line with what he espouses: investing in only the best, and the best that is yet to come. This is the primary reason Bryanboy—and many others in his circle of successful influencers who have access to clinics around the globe—still prefer to come home to the Philippines and visit Belo for their beauty concerns.

So what exactly is Virtue RF, Bryanboy's choice of treatment at the moment?

It is the world’s first radiofrequency (RF) microneedling platform which gives optimal results while providing a best-in-class and customized experience. This multi-tasking treatment goes above and beyond by providing both epidermal resurfacing and deeper dermal remodeling so that recurring acne, fine lines, and face contouring are addressed in one go.

Unlike other RF microneedling machines, Virtue RF provides three types of handpieces—Smart, Deep, and Exact—that allow your doctor to distinctly address various skin issues and indications. It also uses four differentiated technologies to ensure less pain, quicker recovery, excellent efficacy, and longer-lasting results:

  • The Integrated Energy Control System (IECS) allows your doctor to adjust the surface area of the procedure, from a large area with low density to a narrow area with high density.
  • The Advanced Cooling System (ACS) minimizes pain and discomfort by regulating the temperature of the cooling plate. This enables your doctor to deliver more powerful energy without compromising comfort.
  • The Integrated Pulsed Radiofrequency System (IPRS) allows pulse durations to be customized, which means energy can be delivered to deeper areas while minimizing unnecessary tissue damage (and thus, minimized downtime).
  • The Minimum Depth Control System (MDCS) enables the most precise depth customizations from as shallow as 0.1mm to as deep as 6mm. This depth varies depending on what skin issues are to be targeted (i.e. pigmentation reduction, skin tightening, fat melting).

The results after just one session of Virtue RF are immediate, and this is something that Bryanboy appreciates about this revolutionary treatment. Aside from being able to experience a world-class procedure that can be custom-tailored to his skin goals, age, and concerns, he’s also found something that finally helps him feel comfortable in his own skin.

To book your consultation and Virtue RF session, click here or call 8819-BELO (2356).

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Belo Medical Group.