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Park Seo-Jun is now the face of BYS Cosmetics

By MONIQUE TODA, The Philippine STAR Published Sep 30, 2020 5:00 pm

Korean superstar Park Seo-Jun: “I believe the products of BYS Philippines can help you express and bring out your best selves."

Korean superstar Park Seo-Jun: “I believe the products of BYS Philippines can help you express and bring out your best selves."

I have personally met Korean superstar Park Seo-Jun. It was for only 15 minutes, and it was an interview and not a social gathering, but it counts, right? Approximately around the same time last year, I was face to face with this man of many fans’ fantasies. He was in the country as the global endorser of Bench. I hope he didn’t get the impression that I was staring at him, but I marveled at his flawless skin with a little bit of envy. Coupled with his casual and easy demeanor, I thought that he was quite cool.

A year later, Park Seo-Jun and I meet again — though not personally.  It is unfortunately not meant to be. He has been announced as the face of BYS Cosmetics Philippines, and rightfully so.

BYS was established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2004. The popular beauty brand has been in the country since 2012 and to celebrate its eighth anniversary, announced the endorsement of one of the most sought-after Korean celebrities.

“BYS has always prided itself on being a relevant brand,” says Angie Goyena of BYS Philippines. “Since the Hallyu wave is at its peak, we’ve chosen one of the biggest K-drama stars to be the cheerleader of the brand and encourage women to ‘Be the Extra in the Ordinary.’”

The company shares the same values as Park Seo-Jun, such as being professional, on-trend, accessible and customer-oriented (in Park Seo-Jun’s case, it’s fan-oriented).

“I believe the products of BYS Philippines can help you express and bring out your best selves, and allow you to move ahead and Be the Extra in the Ordinary,” says the handsome actor. “Extraordinary starts with you and I’m here to cheer you on,” he adds.

With this dynamic partnership, expect a series of activities and promotions coming up soon from BYS Philippines.

We asked PSJ a couple of questions, and his answers came via video (darn this corona!). Here are his responses on beauty and wellbeing:

MONIQUE TODA: Aside from the physical, what do you think makes someone beautiful?

PARK SEO-JUN: It is all in the mindset.  One should have positive thoughts. If people had this, they would be more beautiful outwardly. In the past, older people used to say that they could see everything in one’s face. These days, I also feel the same. I think about many good things to do, not only in my career. Having this mindset helps me a lot. It is really important to have good thoughts, positive thoughts and kind thoughts.

What do you do to maintain your lively and young-looking appearance?

It is very important to think about good things all the time, as well as the pattern of your life. In my case, being an actor is not a regular job. I am very busy one day and sometimes there is no work whatsoever on other days. There is no constant biorhythm. But if the biorhythm is constant and regular, I would be able to have a healthier appearance. I think the most important thing is to manage yourself better.

With these wonderful insights, it is clear why Park Seo-Jun and BYS Cosmetics are the perfect match.