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Hybrid hues are 2021’s biggest gift to indecisive hair color enthusiasts

Published Mar 12, 2021 11:15 pm

“To dye or not to dye” is not the big question anymore—it’s “what color to dye my hair with” that everyone’s asking nowadays. And as if selecting what hue best matches your skin tone and personality isn’t mind-wracking enough, our indecisive and adventurous selves always feel torn because there are so many options to choose from. They say that humans can perceive over millions of colors, after all.

But hey, if the rainbow can have seven colors in one, then so can your hair. Hybrid hues, or multi-colored hair, have become a thing over the years. It’s a blessing for hair enthusiasts who like experimenting or are stuck between two (or three or four) enticing hues. And this 2021, we dare you to be brave and bold by giving it a try.

Here’s something you need to know about multi-colored hair before you get your hands on dye, though: It requires great care. For starters, it is best achieved with bleached hair. Some may find the process of bleaching a bit intimidating, and since it involves mixing percentages of powders and developers, it might be best to let hair experts like the stylists at David’s Salon do it instead. After all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally fry your hair while trying to get a new ‘do. 

In order to make the color’s vibrance last longer, you’d also need to maintain it by using the right hair products and even visiting the salon regularly for touch-ups. It’s a good thing the hair color package at David’s Salon only costs P1,999 for any length.

Think you’re ready to start your new multi-colored hair journey? Here are a few hybrid hue styles that you might want to try.

Unicorn hair

Unicorn hair is much, much more than just a magical ingredient you need for making wand cores and beautification potions (in “Harry Potter” lore, at least). It can also be your next eye-catching hairstyle especially if you have a penchant for pretty pastel colors. Inspired by the burst of colors associated with the legendary animal, this hairstyle will have you recreating rainbows in your hair with combined highlights of soft pink, purple, blue and turquoise or mint hues.

Mermaid hair

Here’s another colorful hair trend inspired by a beautiful mythical creature: A combination of blue, green and purple hues that mimics the look of the ocean itself. But unlike unicorn hair which commonly utilizes highlights, mermaid hair is often a gradient ombre with blue as its base. Additional advice: Amp up the sea princess vibes by pairing this hairstyle with gorgeously-styled beach waves. In fact, we think getting a perm done at David’s Salon alongside dyeing your hair might be a good idea for this look.

Sunset hair

Do you love sunsets? Or do you have a fiery spirit and personality that you’d want the world to notice immediately at first glance? Whichever of the two you say yes to (or maybe even both), we think you’d like the look of sunset hair.This scene-stealing style is made up of multi-colored layers of orange, pink, yellow and red that are supposed to mirror the different intensities of the sun’s fading lights as it melts into the night’s darkness.

Kaleidoscope hair

If you’re looking for something more futuristic, this style that gives your mane a holographic effect might pique your interest. Like iridescent rays, the prismatic look of kaleidoscope hair is achieved by combining streaks of either vibrant neon shades or dainty pastel tones. The usual mix of colors for this hairstyle includes pink, purple, green, blue and yellow.

Pastel ombre

Want to try hybrid hues, but not entirely sure if you could pull off those previous mixes of colors? Go for a subtler pastel ombre look instead. You can start it off with your tresses’ natural color or have it dyed to blonde or silver hues as the base, which will make pastel-colored tips stand out more.

Hidden hues

Among the things about the character Yoon Ji Soo from the Netflix Korean drama “Sweet Home” that held our attention was her “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle. This look was made possible by the red streaks present on her hair’s inner layers—a trend which is known as underlights or hidden hair color. 

Ash brown

For those who aren’t fans of *wild* hair colors, this stunning combination of silver and brown hues will still make your dreams of multi-colored locks come true. Ash brown has been emerging as a trend among celebrities recently, and we do think that it gives an added dimension to your usual hair color.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by SM Shopmag.