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Can’t go braless? Here’s where to get bra-friendly summer dresses

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published May 24, 2021 5:13 pm

With the scorching summer heat, it is but natural that many women would opt for dresses that are relaxed, comfy and sleeveless.

This is evident on social media as it is peppered with photos of women enjoying the season of sun—frolicking on the beach or exploring fields of coconut trees with their perfectly sun-kissed skin in cute summer dresses with spaghetti straps, cowl necks or open backs.

Though summertime may be a great excuse to be liberated from the stifling bras, it is a fact that women with bigger breasts (hello, CCs, DDs and above) cannot just easily ditch their bras for those summer pieces as bras offer support and aids in posture, while others cannot simply go braless for comfort.

Recently, Los Angeles-based writer and filmmaker Priyanka Mattoo posed a question on Twitter addressing this issue, “Does anyone on the entire internet want to suggest summer dresses for people who wear bras?”

Her tweet, which garnered over 42,000 likes and has since been deleted, resonated with women who share the same concern.

“Every time I find a summer dress I like at (brand), I get to the picture of the back and realize it’s not possible. Women with large boobs also want to wear strapped summer dresses,” one Twitter user lamented.

Another one said, “Please, we beg you. Also a dress where you don’t have to put a friend on boob watch lest you lightly cough and they fall out.”

Mattoo’s now deleted tweet became not just a space to rant but also a place where women dropped tips on where to buy these bra-friendly pieces. They even created a Google Docs file of where to buy them online!

Don’t lose hope because here in the Philippines, there are stores and brands that offer bra-friendly summer dresses (and more) for those who cannot or don’t want to go braless .

Seek the Uniq

Summer dresses and loungewear are notable in Seek the Uniq as they are chic without compromising comfort.

Its pieces are curated by Seek the Uniq Commander-in-Chic Mikka Padua, whose love for travel reflect the products that the site carries.

Browsing its website, there are several style options for those who cannot forgo wearing their bra—from shift dresses, maxi, mini and midi dresses, to shirt dresses that one can wear all year round.

Visit Seek the Uniq to check out its bra-friendly pieces and more.

Tayo Studio

Tayo Studio’s dresses have a wide range of style—from candy-colored strappy ones to puff-sleeved maxis and midis.

Some of Tayo’s pieces—with sleeves or without—evoke fun and comfort, others with details that are reminiscent of happy memories of summer.

The breezy, candy-colored Selena midi dresses in the above photo have adjustable straps that allows you to customize how high or low the neckline sits on your chest. So wearing a bra for support or posture is still possible with this style.

Since its pieces are size-inclusive (from XS to XXXXL), you can now go twinning with your BFF!

Check out more of Tayo Studio’s pieces at Shopee.

Florence Fling

Florence Fling offers adorable baby dolls, flowy and comfortable smock, tent and shirt dresses that can be worn all-year round!

Whether for a trip to the beach or for a casual date under the sun, Florence Fling’s pieces are definite standouts.

In its collection are bra-friendly dresses that you can choose from, including the Bum dress that you can wear to any occasion with ruffled straps that can conceal your bra straps easily.

You may also opt for dresses with sleeves like its two-way maxi dress or its flowy baby doll dresses that have pockets.

Visit to check out its collection of dresses.


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Each of Anika’s pieces is designed with sun-drenched vacations and fuss-free femininity in mind—think of pieces that you will enjoy during breezy late afternoons while you lounge by the azure waters.

As you enjoy the tropical paradise in mind, Anika offers dresses that would give you the freedom to enjoy the summer breeze without thinking too much about concealing your pesky bra straps.

It’s also good to note that the brand advocates for slow fashion, making sure that it keeps its quantities limited and produces as little waste as possible by upcycling excess fabric.

Notable bra-friendly items in Anika’s collection include separates and tunic dresses.

Click here to visit Anika’s online store.

Maison Métisse

There’s nothing more relaxed and versatile than the mighty kaftan, a summer and resort staple.

Kaftans are not only comfortable to wear but they are also nice garments as you don’t have to get conscious about those showing straps.

At Maison Métisse, kaftans are hand-dyed using natural dyes that are plant-based and according to its website “derived from ancient earth pigments dating back to the Old Stone Age.”

Each of the kaftans features slightly different characteristics, each painting style tells a unique story. Also available is a Frida dress (available in both standard and relaxed fit) made with piña and cotton, also painted with natural dyes.

Check out Maison Métisse pieces here.

Frankie & Friends General Store

Frankie & Friends General Store carries local designers’ slow and ethical pieces like one-off robes, dresses, kimonos and loungewear.

Most of the dresses at Frankie & Friends are not made exclusively for one occasion only, and many of them are bra-friendly pieces. Like its sundresses that you can wear to a Sunday brunch or a picnic, or its slip-on dresses that may be worn on a beach holiday or as comfy piece for those daily errands.

If you’re looking for a fuss-free and bra-friendly piece, its cotton beach dress is a statement piece that you can wear on and off the beach.

Also check out the Lia Dress (in Flamingo, Sage and Mustard), made of cotton linen with handwomen Inabel fabric with adjustable shoulder straps.

Visit Frankie & Friends General Store for more of its dresses.