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Love French skincare? This young entrepreneur brings the minimalist beauty routine through her own brand

By RED DIMAANDAL Published Apr 22, 2021 10:39 am

When Kylie Jenner was named Forbes’ “youngest self-made billionaire” a few years back, it sparked a conversation about what, exactly, it means to be self-made. The dictionary defines the phrase as “having become successful or rich by one’s own efforts,” but some people on the internet feel that this characterization should include a clause about not being born into wealth.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Kylie’s accolade, it’s worth noting that she’s fortunately not alone when it comes to self-made women running successful beauty brands. Beyond climbing the ladder on their own to become successful entrepreneurs, and watching their brands grow from dreams into full-blown realities, these women are using their platforms to bring good into the world. 

Meet Mae Ng, a young entrepreneur advocate, a former beauty queen and  model, who recently launched her very own skincare line called Lemeur. Her story tells us that there is deep reward in pursuing not just passion but purpose. “I think beauty has always been my passion, and building Lemeur helped me to use my voice and share my knowledge and experiences when it comes to beauty, that being the best version of yourself is just one skincare away.” 

Lemeur founder Mae Ng 

She added, “Touching someone’s lives has been my advocacy and I think the best way to do that is by creating something that can really help people boost their confidence. And as we all know, having a nice and glowing skin can really make us feel good about ourselves, and that’s what we all deserve.”

On building her own skincare line

Lemeur was born amid the pandemic. According to Mae, prior to its launch, she studied about the brand for almost 4 years. “When I first went to France in 2017, I instantly fell in love with the country. I got to know and experience their culture in three consecutive years of going there—until the pandemic happened.” 

After years of research and being inspired by French innovation in skincare, they built Lemeur, in collaboration with doctors and researchers using world class skincare ingredients. Their products, she said, “bring each individual transformative results and improve their skin condition significantly,” she shared. 

Mae Ng built Lemeur in collaboration with doctors and researchers using world class skincare ingredients

On her best career advice

To those upcoming entrepreneurs who want to venture into the beauty industry, Mae said that one should never aim for perfection. “I personally believe that we are our best teachers,” she said.

For her, it's very  important to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Creating a new business requires hard work, high tolerance for frustration, willingness to carry on, and more. But above all, it requires an obsession to achieve your dreams. If you seek to transform people’s lives and make a great impact on the world, the rest will follow.

“So just be passionate about what you're doing and never stop learning because knowledge is power.” 

On skincare trends and summer skincare tips

Lemeur's key ingredients are AHA & BHA, the use of which is the most popular trend today. In fact, lots of brands are using these as their key ingredients. Why? “Because AHA & BHA have so many skin benefits that can really improve your skin condition without overdoing it.”

As for her summer skincare tips, Mae shared that any skincare product is useless if you don't wear sunscreen. Whether it’s summer or not, we must always wear sunscreen. If you don’t wear sunscreen your skin collagen and connective tissues will be damaged and that can lead to loss of elasticity and increased wrinkles. 

Photos from Mae Ng and Lemeur