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Know the latest secret to Korean stars and Doja Cat's glowing skin? It might just be salmon sperm

By Rayven Daligcon Published Sep 16, 2022 3:26 pm

Amid all the beauty trends and treatments popping left and right, here is this testicle DNA from salmons swimming up to stardom as the latest wonder in the K-beauty industry.  

Polydeoxyribonucleotides, otherwise known as salmon pdrn, is a sperm that is most commonly obtained from salmon trout or chum salmun. This fish genital DNA has been linked to producing higher levels of collagen, which is similar to what many anti-aging products deliver.

According to a report by Medical Express, salmon sperm is best for people with dry skin as it can make the skin more elastic, repair and prevent skin barriers from losing moisture, and reduce inflammation or redness. 

Medical esthetician Cassandra Bankson explained that the sperm is likewise essential in cell migration: "This ingredient is great because if you have a cut, wound or acne blemish that is healing, salmon pdrn could help with that," 

"White blood cells will attempt to fix this wound," she continued. "And (salmon pdrn) has been shown in research to help with that , or bringing the healing cells to that affected area."

One K-Beauty product that already contains the salmon sperm is the Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm, which featured in various K-dramas like Yumi's Cells and Netflix's Extraordinary Attorney Woo, as well as Doja Cat's "Vegas" music video.

Screenshot/Doja Cat on YouTube

It works by targeting a certain protein that, when triggered, aids in wound healing. Additionally, skin care specialist Kenna Whitnell told Medical Express that the genital region has a significant volume of DNA, making its extraction simpler and more affordable. 

"The extraction and purification process removes active proteins and peptides that could potentially cause immune reactions. So it is purely DNA and that doesn’t contain (anything) that could interact with our skin in a bad way." the biochemist said.  

Curious about how to apply this skincare wonder? Simply apply the balm all over your face to achieve a dewy and radiant look.

With all its benefits, are you ready to join the ‘sperm’ party?