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Look to next year’s boldest trends

Planning a brow makeover? Try these (wild) brow trends!

Published Nov 27, 2020 3:00 pm

Your hair is one of the most important parts of your look. It brings attention to your entire face. Not only does it accentuate your profile, it also highlights your best features — so take care of it.

Visit Bang’s Prime Salon for a regular trim, treatment, or a hair color transformation. But the hair on your scalp isn’t the only “hair” that matters.

Jeffree Star might not agree with this, but eyebrows are arguably the most distinctive hair on your face. They play an important role in non-verbal communication. They’re like a door to your emotions. With just a simple brow move, people would know how you feel at the moment.

And hey, this year’s been a very wild ride. So here’s a wild idea: express your feelings by trying very wild brow trends that will likely dominate 2021. You know what they say, you have to look the part. Besides, we’re still in quarantine. It’s the best time to experiment.

Wavy brows

2021 brow trend: Wavy eyebrows

We get it, a clean-cut brow wouldn’t be enough to express how you feel. So just lift a wavy brow and we’d know. This year was so freaking rocky it almost gave everyone whiplash. You wake up every morning with even worse news than yesterday. Ugh, talk about instability.

How to get the look: Bring out your brow pencil, clear brow wax and a brow comb. Draw squiggles (or waves) above and below your brows, use clear wax to set your brow strands in place, and you’re done! Hands too shaky to do it? Browlab can help reshape your brows through its Browlab Classic service so you can officially rock those waves.

Feather brows

2021 brow trend: Feather eyebrows a.k.a bushy brows

Hey look, it’s the classic bushy brows… but way more extra. It took inspiration from bird’s feathers (where else). This year was very chaotic and feather brows are the perfect representation of it—all over the place, no concrete plan (we mean for the brows), and pointing in all possible directions.

How to get the look: First things first, make sure your eyebrows are all cleaned up. You can book an eyebrow waxing session at Flawless Face & Body Clinic. After that, bring out your brow comb and brow gel (or clear brow wax). Comb your brow strands in whatever directions you want and use a brow gel to lock them in place.

Now if you really want to sport “feather” brows quite literally, part your brows horizontally and use brow wax to set the strands in place. Have fun!

Laminated brows

2021 brow trend: Laminated eyebrows

Thanks to The Crown, the ’80s is officially back and all things that characterized the decade: fluffy hair, Laura Ashley prints, and lots of shine. This look pays homage to the edgier elements: Think Bowie and Iman, George Michael and the precursor supermodel era. A lacquered, unmoving texture. These brows hint at upward mobility, as though its wearer is perennially startled — a fitting look for 2021.

How to get the look: Some pros go for a permanent solution, involving a perm. If you’re not quite willing to go there yet, reach for a strong brow gel with extra hold, brush upward and outward. Once set, add a very light layer of gloss as an accent.

Bleached brows

2021 brow trend: Bleached eyebrows

This is perfect for people who want to say, “The previous year was so stressful even my eyebrows turned white.” Besides, this brow trend is so versatile you can re-dye it with any color you want once you get tired of the classic blonde. Maybe a balayage?

How to get the look: We recommend going to The Brow Studio and avail of its Brow Shade Tune-up. It’s best to have an expert bleach your brows as they’re far more sensitive than your scalp hair. You better not take any risks.

Now if you want to bleach your scalp hair, too, no one’s stopping you. In fact, Bang’s Prime Salon can do all the work for you!

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by SM Shopmag.