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What is the new jellyfish hair trend taking over the internet, and can you rock it?

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Aug 25, 2022 2:59 pm

The world of TikTok beauty and hair trends has always been a tricky one to follow. With its ever-changing styles and forms, you can't be too sure if a certain trend is actually original or reborn from decades long ago.

For instance, the jellyfish cut, a new hairstyle taking over the internet, with many liking the cut for its versatility that goes well for any 'fit.

Essentially, it is a two-tiered cut wherein the inner layer of your hair remains long and reaches chest level, while the outer layer is framed like a bob, therefore making it look like the underwater animal.

TikTok users have since been sharing 360 videos of the jellyfish hairstyle so others can follow suit.

@dear.tina I finally remembered to do a hair360 before my hair got too oily 🥴 #hair360 #hairstyleinspo #jellyfishhair #jellyfishhaircut #hairstylereference ♬ Love Maybe Secret Number - NIKO

Other iterations of the jellyfish hair include curtain bangs, a fringe, bleached looks, and just about anything that TikTok has conjured so far.

Some users have even shared tips to maintain and give more flair to jellyfish hair, such as putting it up in braids and following Pinterest trends.

@sillyyerba I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I’m going to work on some frog art so I’ll have more art content again starting tomorrow. I might do a compilation of the easiest styles and then do tutorials for the super fun ones as I do them. If you guys find any you want me to try, send them my way on IG!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #sorryitsmari #diyhair #hairtutorial #jellyfishhair #pinteresthairstyles #hairstyle ♬ KAWAII - Tatarka

Just recently, Nicole Kidman was also seen rocking a jellyfish cut on the cover of Perfect Magazine. Aside from Kidman's toned physique, fans were also quick to point out her trending hairstyle.

TWICE's Momo has also been seen slaying the jet black jellyfish hairstyle back before she dyed her hair.

Where did it come from?

Although it has a new moniker now, the jellyfish hair has long been professionally known as the hime cut. Popularized by Japanese culture, hime translates to "princess cut" originating from Japan's Heian period for when girls reached 16 and the hair around their ears would be cut shorter than the rest.

Meanwhile, the jellyfish hair is also another iteration of the wolf cut, a mullet-type hairstyle with heavy layers and shaggy, tousled fringes. The wolf cut is believed to originate from South Korea.

Similar to the jellyfish hair, the wolf cut also gives off the illusion that your hair is long from the back and short on the front.

Who does it look good on?

The jellyfish hair is typically seen with straight hair on TikTok trends, although it can be worn with whatever texture of hair you have. It has also been referred to as a gender-neutral hairstyle if you're looking to be, well, a cut above the rest.

Meanwhile, the Singaporean beauty platform Beauty Undercover has said that it suits those with long faces and high cheekbones to further highlight their features. They added that those with square faces ought to opt for longer than chin-length layers since the cut will create more sharp edges on the faces.

It's also important to take note that with any two-tiered hairstyle, the jellyfish cut will require maintenance once the outer layer starts to grow out of the desired fringe levels.