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Cheers to the ladies who prefer comfort over style

By Michaela Tangan Published Oct 26, 2020 9:12 am

One would think that most girls want to dress up as Emily Cooper of Emily in Paris, Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City or Rachel Green of Friends—but no. 

If you’re one of these ladies, you will dial down the layers and prints. Instead of a burst of color, you always opt for black or gray and neighbors on the color wheel. As much as you want to mix and match, you don’t have the luxury of time, so you’d instead create a wardrobe tailor-fit to your “get-up-and-go” lifestyle.

And although you’re choosing comfort over style, it doesn't mean you to look lousy and baduy. With the right pieces, you can be just as fashionable as any rom-com leading lady.

Here’s what to consider if you want to find the perfect comfort and style fusion.

Just the right amount of dazzle

You can never go wrong with a clean-cut top, especially if it hugs your waist, and the sleeves fall right on your shoulders. 

The detailed tailoring alone makes you look sleek, clean, and ready to slay the day. The tiny details, such as gold buttons, give life to your OOTD, even without any accessories.

Paperdolls Ophelia Corporate Shift Dress

Go for timeless and versatile

When you have clothing items that are timeless and versatile, you’ll barely spend time worrying if your top matches the rest of your outfit. You’ll glide with your daily tasks with comfort and class.

The best part is that the extra time on your hands will be spent on making more relevant, and perhaps, life-changing decisions. 

PWAE Oversized T-Shirt

Find beauty in imperfection

Something about loose and oversized clothes exudes comfort. Maybe it’s the extra room that allows you to move with ease, or the extra fabric reminds you of comfortable pajama nights.

Even though its cuts don’t end where they’re supposed to, you can still make it stylish with a few tricks, like tucking a baggy top over high-waist, wide-legged pants, or rolling up the sleeves.

PWAE Wide Leg Pants

Sleek and sturdy

If different shoes had a group chat and the conversation stirs to comfort, stilettos will never be able to relate. Ballet flats and chunky-heeled sandals, on the other hand, are the shoes that will dominate the conversation. 

Shoes like these, especially those made by Dr. Kong, which applies research and scientific knowledge in foot and spinal care, won’t let you down, even if you’re standing all day long. 

Ballet flats aren’t just beautiful and comfortable. They’re every woman’s staple for a great reason—it’s like the chameleon of footwear kingdom that seamlessly blends into any attire and any occasion.

Dr. Kong Ballet Flats

Chunky-heeled sandals may not be as versatile as flats, but it’s the perfect pair for anybody who wants to ditch the slim killer that is a pair of stilettos and save themselves from slides and slips without sacrificing the extra height.

Dr. Kong Healthy Sandals

When you wake up in the morning and pick out the clothes to wear for the day, remember that people will always (always!) have something to say. So, wear whatever makes you happy, confident, and comfortable.  

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