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May or may not include a “One More Chance”-esque makeover

A single person’s guide to quarantine pampering

Published Nov 16, 2020 4:00 am

Sometimes, breakups happen in the most inopportune moments—quarantine period is one of them. 

There are several factors to consider when a couple is going through a breakup. Maybe, they were already rocky pre-pandemic or they had a huge fight that couldn’t be resolved. If they live together, breakups suck and sometimes people need a pick-me-up. To guide you through this, we will talk about pamper sessions.

A new ’do

Quarantine pampering: haircut
Get a basic haircut or trim from Bang’s Tony & Jackey.

It’s common for people, mostly women, to change their look after a breakup. It’s said that we hold our hair to such esteem that cutting it off feels like letting go of an emotional burden when we’re going through a stressful experience. So go and get that trim—or get a short bob like Basha in One More Chance.

Play with color

Quarantine pampering: dye hair
Choose from Unica Hija’s hair color selection, from browns to deep reds.

If you don’t want to get a drastic haircut, you can dye your hair instead. You can start with a subtle shade like chocolate brown or add balayage highlights. Or, you can jump right in with a bold color.

An excuse to excessively bat your lashes

Quarantine pampering: eyelash extensions
Hey Sugar!’s signature eyelash enhancing treatment that will give you semi-permanent lifted lashes.

Want to try something new? Get eyelash extensions. For two to three weeks, you’ll have thick, luscious lashes. But if you want something more long-term, try an eyelash perm, which lasts for a month at most. The difference between the two procedures is that perms lift your natural lashes in a chemical-based process.

Waxing out any worries

Quarantine pampering: waxing
Get a good deal on waxing with one of Lay Bare’s Cool Packages.

There’s nothing wrong with natural body hair, but we also won’t shame anyone for wanting to get a wax every now and then. Treat yourself to a cold wax session, which is less painful and messy.

A sweet alternative

Quarantine pampering: sugaring
Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon’s budget-friendly packages include sugaring for eyebrows, legs and underarms.

In case you haven’t tried it yet, sugaring is a natural hair removal method using sugar, water and lemon: a mixture that grips onto one's hair and not the skin. If you’re looking for a non-painful hair removal procedure, this is the one for you.

Deep tissue relaxation

Quarantine pampering: massage
One of Vibes’ traditional massage techniques can remove any tightness on your back and joints.

Get an endorphin boost and less body pain with a massage. You deserve it after sitting in front of a laptop for hours and the days of stress you’ve felt because of the breakup.

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Banner photo by Taryn Elliot via Pexels

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by SM Shopmag.