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WATCH: Top 5 Miss Universe Philippines queens who stood out in the casting challenge

By Hannah Mallorca Published Aug 22, 2021 9:12 pm

The Miss Universe Philippines candidates were asked to serve face at the Casting Video challenge—and these five beautiful ladies stood out with their fresh faces and natural beauty.

The main task of the challenge is to create a one-minute video that flaunts their natural beauty from different angles. While it's not surprising that every candidate looked stunning, it was Maureen Wroblewitz of Pangasinan who nailed her casting video. 

Be blown away by the beauty of these five ladies who topped the pageant’s casting challenge. Skin and face goals, indeed!

1. Maureen Christa Wroblewitz (Pangasinan)

Wroblewitz’s beautiful face is enough reason to justify why she topped the casting challenge. There’s something about her angles and the way she carried herself on camera that looks so effortless.

Even if Wroblewitz may seem lowkey in the past challenges, it’s hard to deny her quiet confidence. And this video is the perfect example. 

2. Leren Mae Bautista (Laguna)

Bautista has always been one of the standout candidates in the pageant, and her casting video is proof.

This beautiful lass definitely knows her angles since she managed to look stunning in every frame. The way she also spoke about her love for her family and coffee is natural as well. 

3. Steffi Rose Aberasturi (Cebu Province)

This statuesque Cebuana lass has always been the epitome of fierce, but her casting video showed that she has a softer side as well.

Another factor that’s worth noting is Aberasturi’s ability to charm the audience, especially when she admitted that lechon makes her happy. 

4. Kirsten Danielle Delavin (Masbate)

Since her Pinoy Big Brother days, Delavin is known for her fresh and glowing beauty. And her casting video flaunted her captivating features perfectly.

The video concentrated on Delavin’s beautiful smile and youthful charm, flaunting her visuals at its best. 

5. Katrina Dimaranan (Taguig City)

With just one look at Dimaranan’s casting video, you would know that this candidate is armed with confidence and her pageant experience. 

Dimaranan’s defined features, poise, and eloquence stood out in her casting video. At the same time, there’s something about her aura that screams “Queen!”

What are your thoughts on the Top 5 candidates who topped the casting challenge?

Banner and thumbnail photos: Screengrabs from Empire Philippines/YouTube