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Save your New Year’s resolutions with these drinking & smoking alternatives

By May Dedicatoria Published Nov 09, 2020 11:04 pm

Last New Year’s Day, you vowed to turn over a new leaf. No more booze, cigarettes, soda and whatnots. Unfortunately, the stressful quarantine and rollercoaster of a pandemic that soon followed made you drink and smoke more, just so you could fill the emotional void. There’s no one to blame. So instead of rubbing it in, here’s a list of nicer alternatives for your weakness. Happy New Year in advance!

The Kombucha Shop - Kombucha Starter Kit

This one-gallon brewing kit has everything you need to know about making your own kombucha at home, including cultures, equipment and complete instruction. For beginners, kombucha is being considered as a healthy alternative to alcohol. It’s made by fermenting sweet tea with bacteria and yeast, thus it’s a probiotic and wine substitute in one.

The Kombucha Shop - Kombucha Starter Kit

The Joes Experience Kombucha (Trio Pack)

Don’t fret if you don’t have the time to brew your own kombucha. The Joes Experience serves the trendy drink in three flavors: Original Kombucha, which tastes similar to sparkling apple cider; Mango Rose Kombucha Potion, with a tangy, sweet tropical taste; and Love Potion Kombucha, which is like the original flavor but with added natural sweetness of blueberries and floral notes of rose petals and lavender.

The Joes Experience Kombucha (Trio Pack)

Rite 'n Lite Root Beer

A few tarragon leaves soaked in hot water make for a refreshing root beer-scented tea. But if you’re still craving for a closer taste, this guilt-free, keto-approved soda could be your best bet. Rite ‘n Lite also has “no sugar, no carbs, no calories” variants, such as lemon & lime, orange and cucumber. They taste so much better than my own concoction of sparkling water and powdered juice drink. 

Rite 'n Lite Root Beer

MOK Heat-not-Burn Device

For a satisfying yet less harmful alternative to regular cigarettes, there’s MOK. Instead of burning tobacco, its revolutionary system heats the leaves with just the right temperature. There’s no ash to clean up and no secondhand smoke exposure or residual smell. This split device also has a pocket charger and holder, enabling up to 20 heating cycles on a full charge. It has two heating modes that allow users to customize their experience.

MOK Heat-not-Burn Device

MOK Mini

At P1000 cheaper, MOK mini is very handy and compact; it can fit into pockets and small bags. It has fast preheating time at just 15 seconds and allows up to 12 continuous heating cycles with just one full charge. Both MOK devices are exclusively enjoyed with COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks in three variants: Golden Hue, a classic tobacco taste; Blue Hue, a fresh and cool flavor with a hit of menthol; and New Wave Capsule, which is minty with a surprising lime flavor when the capsule is popped.

Don’t forget: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

MOK Mini

Banner photo by Tairon Fernandez via Pexels

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