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Local hobbies and novelties shop Papemelroti added a special articulated paper puppets in its collection.

Paper puppets and simple joys

By Hannah Mallorca Published Nov 04, 2020 2:45 am

Back in the day, playing with paper dolls and puppets was considered one of life’s simple joys. It’s a common entertainment among children to change the dolls’ outfits, bring them wherever they go, and pretend like these toys were friends.

Things have changed a lot since then. These days, many children spend most of their time playing with the latest video game on a smartphone or tablet.

As we remain in quarantine, we find ourselves doing activities that we couldn’t enjoy before the health crisis. We’ve taken care of plants, whipped up new meals in the kitchen, and reorganized our personal spaces to give it a fresh new look.

Now is your chance to reminisce your childhood, thanks to beautiful articulated paper dolls and puppets from local craft, gift and home décor shop Papemelroti.

The eco-friendly novelty shop recently announced its latest products on Instagram, and it’s not just common DIY paper dolls. The latest collection features national hero Dr. Jose Rizal and Gen. Antonio Luna.

Papemelroti Philippine Heroes Articulated Paper Puppets

The collection also includes puppet figures of well-known artists Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama and Andy Warhol.

Papemelroti Well-Known Artists Articulated Paper Puppets

There are also cute figures of children wearing Filipiniana outfits and kalesa, the traditional horse carriage that played a huge role in Philippine transportation way back in time.

Papemelroti Filipiniana Kids Articulated Paper Puppets


Lovers of mythical characters will also enjoy the collection as it also includes a unicorn figure.

Papemelroti Unicorn Articulated Paper Puppet

The paper puppets are illustrated by visual artist, TV personality and Papemelroti co-founder Robert Alejandro, who wanted to pay homage to Philippine arts and culture through this collection. It combines paper dolls, puppets and scrapbooking to make a DIY toy with easy-to-assemble and movable parts.  

As explained by Alejandro on his Facebook page, the paper puppets are printed on a craft board that comes with split paper fasteners. They are made out of recycled materials.

To play with the paper puppet, start by cutting out the parts with a scissor. Next, punch holes on the circle marks using a cutter, a special puncher, pencil or a nail. Assemble the puppet using the split paper fasteners to finish.

The articulated paper puppets are very simple to put together — a perfect way to bond with your loved ones. Make it a home project or use it to decorate your journal.

If you’re a kid, make sure to ask a grownup to punch the holes.

Alejandro has posted videos of the articulated puppets on his Facebook account. He also conducts online classes to spread joy through art to help people cope with the lockdown.

As we live in the digital age, you can’t compare the unique quality of analog pieces and paper crafting. It’s a welcome change from the fast-paced nature of technology, helping us slow down even for a while.

The articulated paper puppets are available on Papemelroti’s online store and its official Lazada and Shopee stores where you can shop for more eco-friendly, locally made and unique finds.

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Banner photo by @papemelroti on Instagram