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Celebrity moms share what they really want to receive this Mother's Day

By Camille Santiago Published May 04, 2023 1:40 pm Updated May 12, 2023 9:10 am

Mothers are the world’s unsung heroes. Without them, we wouldn't even be here.

Because of their hard work and sacrifices, it's just about right that we dedicate a special day just for them and return the favor.

But when it comes to getting a Mother’s Day gift, it sometimes becomes a challenge. What else do you ask for when you already have everything? What do they really want?

We asked some famous indivuals for the one thing they truly want to receive this Mother's Day. Check out what they have to say below—who knows, you might get an inspiration or two for your own mom!

Aubrey Miles

Actress and fitness trainer Aubrey Miles—who is a mom to Maurie, Hunter Cody, Rocket—revealed that she wants to reward her body with a spa treatment.

"For Mother’s Day I always like [getting] a 1 or 2-day spa treatment, a wellness detox, and cleanse day gift from Troy. Why? I appreciate it more than anything. More than material, I like to reward my body with these kinds of pampering. It’s healthy for my body and mind."

Joyce Pring

Joyce Pring juggles her time as a TV presenter, podcast host, keynote speaker—all while attending to her two kids, Alonso Eleam and Agnes Eleanor. So, for Mother's Day, the multi-hyphenate mother would like to reset and receive a massage and "uninterrupted" rest.

"If I could get one wish for Mother’s Day, it would be to get a 2-hour massage then 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep afterwards, before waking up to a peaceful breakfast buffet. A mama with a toddler and a newborn can dream, right?"

Cherie Chan

Socialite and reality star Cherie Chan from Netflix's Bling Empire wants nothing but her mom. The denim heiress and entrepreneur lost her mother Cindy in 2019, the year Bling Empire was filmed.

"Actually for Mother’s Day, I don’t want anything, I just want my mom here. I miss her so much. I’m grateful for the family I’ve built, but it isn’t the same without my mom," she told PhilSTAR L!fe.

Martine Cajucom

For the Sunnies Face creative director and Sunnies Studios co-founder, she wants nothing else but a "nice handmade card."

Chynna Ortaleza

For moms, sometimes, rest is more than enough. And this is exactly what actress-host Chynna Ortaleza wishes to happen this Mother's Day.

"I would like my family to gift me with 2-3 hours of silence and time for myself. I thrive at being a busy boss mommy, but I would love to get a few hours to just realign & listen to my inner voice. 'Tulala is the ultimate luxury!'"

Karel Marquez Santos-Fariñas

Mother's Day is going to be extra special this year for actress-musician-host Karel Marques-Fariñas as she is expecting baby no. 4 by the end of May. For her, she just wants to more quality time with her family "and get tight hugs."

"For this Mother's Day, the best thing I could think of is to have quality bonding time with my kids and husband and get tight hugs! There is nothing in particular that I could think of but just to feel love from my family. I am giving birth this end of May too so being with them are my joy and strength, Mother's Day or not!"

Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

Former blogger-turned-designer Tricia Gosingtian would love to "take a breather." Tricia, who is also busy managing her fashion brand hinhin, is a mother to three-year-old Leo.

"This Mother's Day, I'd love the gift of time—time [for me] to sit down and reflect on my 3 years of motherhood. It's essential to pause and take a breather, but with all the things I have to do nowadays, time seems to be such a luxury."

Maggie Wilson

Beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson wants nothing else but to be with her son, Connor.

Maggie, who is currently in a legal battle with her estranged husband Victor Consunji since last year, told PhilSTAR L!fe the importance of spending time with one's parents.

"Mothers are the strongest people I know. Nothing is more valuable than the time we spend with our loved ones, especially those who have played a significant role in our lives, like our mothers and fathers. We must cherish our time with them and make the most of it," she said.

"It is a day where we celebrate the life we women have created, carried, and birthed into this crazy but beautiful world. A day to honor their sacrifices for us and their role in shaping who we are today. That is something we must always remember," Maggie added, saying she wishes to spend more time with her son.

"I wish the same for all mothers and fathers who may be in a similar situation as me."

Camille Co-Koro

Camille Co has been to many parts of the world as a travel vlogger, but on Mother's Day, she wants to be nowhere else but in "a relaxed environment" with her family.

"Sounds cliche but because my husband and I are busy with work and our toddler, all I really want is a happy and easy day with my family. Just in a relaxed environment where we can enjoy quality bonding with each other," Camille said.